Entrance to the interception council, paris. Photo: mbzt.0

The french constitutional council advocates the freedom to "freedom to help others, with a humanitarian objective, if this is done without reciprocation", regardless of whether the stay in the country is irregular or not

The irritation that arises when the terms "aid" and "migrants" is, as pars pro toto the telepolis-forum on the interview with jana ciernioch from the association sos mediterranee documents today, remarkable.

renewable energies as a perspective for the maghreb

Outline of ideas for a possible electricity infrastructure involving europe and the entire mediterranean region. The squares in the sahara illustrate the area that would be necessary to meet the world’s electricity needs with solar thermal power plants (18.000 twh.200 twh. Mena (middle east and north africa, ca. 600 twh. Image: desertec.Org

The energy and climate weekly: renewable energy can provide development impetus and opportunities, supporting democratization processes in the long term.

In terms of energy policy, the countries of the southern mediterranean have so far been perceived mainly as energy suppliers to europe. The desertec project focuses on the exploitation of renewable energy potentials – wind energy in morocco and large-scale photovoltaic plants and parabolic trough power plants in the interior of the country. Because north africa has a lot to offer in this respect, what europe liked to have: a lot of flat land, a lot of wind and a power supply with an average of 2000 kwh.

The alternative publishing house eichborn goes public.

By going public, eichborn is one of the few german publishers to retain its independence from corporate groups. But even outside bertelsmann, holtzbrinck and springer, money has to be made with books.

At the end of 1999, eichborn published the black book of capitalism. Now the independent publishing house is going public. Until 5. May, one million shares – one-fifth of the total number of shares – can still be subscribed. From 9. May, the frankfurt-based "company with the bow tie" then be listed on the smax, the german stock exchange segment for high-growth medium-sized companies. The whole thing could have brought the anti-capitalism publishers up to 24 million marks – it’s more likely to be ten.

HomeOffice: A quarter of the employed works at home

At the end of january, 24 percent of the acquisitions in germany have worked primarily or involuntarily at home. At the end of june 2020, this share was 16 percent, in november 2020 about 14 percent, 17 percent in december. This is characterized by representative surveys of the economic and social science institute of the hans-bockler foundation. During the first lockdown in april 2020, the proportion of the homeoffice working temporarily was 27 percent. About 39 percent of the respondents therefore declared up-to-date, they were able to unregardize their profession or coarse part in homework.

An important reason for the increase in homework was in addition to the recommendations of experts the new home office regulation of the federal government. Around one third of the respondents stated that the government decisions were a reason for their change in the home office. Employers often fulfilled home work for the first time. Since 27. January, a new corona occupational protection ordinance, according to the employer, have to offer home office where it is possible, where it is possible and unless there is a compelling company-related reason.

Concern against infection, disadvantages for women

In january 2021, 35 percent of the staff to infect themselves at work or on the way to infect them with the coronavirus. According to the foundation, this is a significant increase in the summer months june and july, as the share of 25 percent. This gave a survey of the portal pay-level.De, at which since april 2020 more than 34.000 worked parties.

The dispute over media space put munich’s higher regional court on the defensive

The nsu trial, which begins in munich on wednesday, will probably be one of the most spectacular trials in post-war german history. Also because there was a sixth defendant in addition to the five officially accused around beate zschape: the higher regional court itself, which was in charge of the proceedings. In truth, the trial began a long time ago, when the court’s press office ied the accreditation lists for the press.

Since then, a veritable criminal court has descended on the judges, as if they had to answer for all the mishaps in the investigation of the ten neo-nazi murders. Only the most recent decision of the federal prosecution court has now helped to ease the situation.

Study identifies a low point in the media image of islam – and warns of the consequences

For at least two decades, during which events such as sebnitz and hoyerswerda have also been analyzed, media research has provided data on the interplay between media coverage and audience reactions. In a recent study by the media tenor research institute (rapperswil), the focus is on islam. Islam and muslims are the only social category whose reputation is worse than that of bankers, politicians and journalists.

It is not enough that the general public is blatantly ignorant about islam: lack of language skills and political templates seem to blind us to indigenous islamic roots, and cliches prevail. In the year of conflict 2014, however, terror, wars and international conflicts dominated reporting in german media – and thus our "knowledge" – the main message about islam is that it is a. The islamic state (is) catapulted the media image of islam to a catastrophic state, according to dr. Christian kolmer, head of politics at media tenor.

In ulm, eight innkeepers draw attention to the smoking ban plan of the coarse parties with an unusual action

On 27. March is the election in baden-wurttemberg. On the occasion of this imminent event, eight hosts from ulm joined the action "rock against grun" together. It shall "for sun, wind and water, for colorful meadows and forests, against green pedagogy and the total smoking ban planned by the greens" stand. Because, according to the hosts, the electors were swapped by the party, which talks a lot in the media about ies such as the world climate, but "almost never about the speed limits, the tax increases, the forced renovations and of course the total smoking ban".

Such a "total ban on smoking" have however "devastating consequences for the gastronomy", such as a lack of patrons and trouble with residents, which can be observed in neighboring neu-ulm in bavaria, where such an absolute smoking ban already exists. The model currently in force in baden-wurtemberg allows pubs and clubs to set up separate smoking rooms under certain conditions, so that guests do not have to go outside to smoke. The innkeepers want to maintain this model and therefore call for not voting for the grunen in the state election.

Energy transition 2015: light and shadow

Electricity production of renewable energy carriers in billions of kilowatt-hours (terawatt-hours; english representation of decimal numbers, the dots in the numbers are to be read as commas). Figures for 2015 are not yet complete. Image: fraunhofer ise

The energy and climate newsreel: annual review i. A partly successful, partly turbulent year for the sun, wind co

On the global scale, renewable energy sources are beginning to assert themselves. But the fast-growing markets are mostly outside europe. In the eu, including germany, the balance of the year is rather mixed.

No alibi

Munchen, 29. January 2016 [-] whether it is at the current fuel prices? Or because that, what fritz indra once formulated as he said in terms of content, "in hybrid, a motor works too much", still anchored in many kops? The fact is that manufacturers do not even torn the hybrid models from their hands. One of the brands that the change wants is bmw. For example, there should be no longer a series in which not at least one model with hybrid drive is offered. But not alone an extension of the offer should provide for high sales opportunities. At the same time, bmw operates an aggressive pricing policy at the hybrid models. And how most other manufacturers also tries bmw to lure with abundant performance. A first, even short trip with a 225xe supplies a few impressions.

Also one and a half years after the start of sales, the 2er active tourer looks like a foreign body in the bmw program: a comparatively coarse-cut van with front drive, which is designed only from the price level as the other bmw models. The hybrid model adds another note, because here the electric motor is driving, and only the rear axle. For the front, the 1.5-liter three-cylinder works with 100 kw (136 hp) and 220 nm torque. The electric motor on the rear axle supplies 65 kw (88 hp) and 165 nm, which are against between 0 and 3000 / min. The system performance gives bmw with 224 hp, the maximum torque with 385 nm.

Fast to 100

Thus, above-average driving services are possible. The factories promise 6.7 seconds, the highest speed is limited to 202 km / h. A similarly strong 225i xdrive should create 237 km / h and only 6.3 seconds need in the standard sprint, which does not matter to it that the 225xe is much faster than it is generally trusted to this vehicle segment.

Alarming Fraunhofer Test: Many home routers uncertain

The security of home routers has made little progress in recent years. Remove up-to-earth safety updates for their equipment, which leads to the fact that many routers have weaknesses that have been known for a long time. Also suffering problems with preset manufacturer’s passwords, which are uncertain and often do not otherwise, relate to many devices. In an automated test of 127 firmware images of various routers from seven manufacturers, security researchers of the fraunhofer institute for communication, information processing and ergonomics (fkie) found one or other problem in each of the images tested.

127 routers of seven manufacturers, huawei dear

Rates of the manufacturer asus, avm, d-link, linksys, netgear, tp-link and zyxel were tested. All tested devices were actively advertised by the manufacturers at the time of the tests, so can be considered as new enough to actively support updates. The avm routers cut at the text with a distance, asus and netgear also have a few praising words of the tester. The most critical views see the fraunhofer researchers of d-link, linksys, tp-link and zyxel. Geratas of huawei were not tested because the manufacturer does not provide his firmware – whether one would have a device with such intransparent update policies with themselves at home, let go.

Not all the results of the researchers can be transferred directly to the devices really in use in the market. That’s because many gates standing at home customers of internet providers are provided by the provider with their own branding, and some of them have their own firmware versions in use. These are usually not exactly with the firmware that provides the relevant manufacturer for the basic apparatus on his website.