Bosch sells starter division to china

Bosch has on tuesday, the 02.05.2016 with a chinese consortium signed a sales contract via its sales starters and generators. The employees must still agree with the business. The buyers are the supplier zmj (zhengzhou coal mining machinery group) and the investment company china renaissance capital investment as the investor. The frankfurt general zeitung from 02.05.In 2017 already reported about it. The business is still under the condition that he agrees with the majority of employees. Uk was agreed on the purchase price.

Bosch had already introduced the separation from the area of starters and generators (sg) in 2015. First, cooperation with another company was conceivable, now it comes to complete separation. The daughter has just under 7,000 employees, of which good 1000 in germany. After many loss years she wrote again 2015 profits.

Surely the deal is not yet. On the one hand, the cartel keports have to agree. That was a pure formality. Although zmj also produces starters and generators, they do not belong to the industry’s sectors such as japan and valeo from france. Zmj is mainly in asia tatig and bosch with sg especially in europe.

But more problematic is that every sg employee in germany must agree to his change under the umbrella of the new owners. Every single one can alternatively decide to stay at the parent company bosch. Should many employees not join the ownership change and thus lost expertise, the attractiveness of the company was reduced.The chinese could then burst the business then. The possible new owners therefore advertise for the business. Representatives of the consortium turned to questions of the workforce on tuesday in the company headquarters schwieberdingen near stuttgart, on wednesday they want to appear at the hildesheim plant in lower saxony. The buyers want to take all the bosch employees.

Bosch had buried the sale, one was too small in the division to compete in the long term in the competition. Zmj boss chengyao jiao said, you are looking forward to expanding the business with the existing management team in the fast-growing, emerging market. Due to the better regional installation, especially in asia, the sg business "sustainable and profitable" can be expanded. The starter division has tradition. Bosch presented the first electric starter for cars in 1914.

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