“Innovation for everyone”: panda mildhybrid now without “cross”

The small car fiat panda hybrid is now also in normal – forgiveness – "urban". From now on, the mildhybrid motorization is also available in the entry-level version with 14-inch steel rims, air conditioning and dab radio. So far, the starter generator only existed in the executions "cross" and "trussardi".

The concept "suv" while it is difficult to understand in terms of user-friendliness categories, but in europe, however, has been so sustainable in europe for around 20 years ago that he already fell victim to him in whole combi series. Soon turned out that it arrives at four-wheel drive less than a daring auberes. So you could charge surcharge for unfinished plastic parts that were previously painted more expensive. Or worse performance and high consumption for selling the thick raders and the highlight as achievement. An almost teaching success of marketing.

"Innovation brick for everyone"

Apparently, fiat even in the rational segment of the city windows has so many customers, whom it arrives in this type of optics, that it gave the hybrid drive for the panda first in a sustained panda cross. Today, fiat suffices the hybrid drive in panda (without "cross") for the remainder of the small car riverburners after. Fiat speaks of "two body variants" the "offroad-inspired version cross" and the "design urban" and celebrates itself "innovation brick for everyone".

Hybrid for all (panda series)

The well-known three-cylinder suction motor with 999 cm 3 capacity with 51 kw (69 hp) and a highest torque of 92 nm at 3500 / min gets like the in panda cross (test) the belt starter generator (rsg), which in the 12 volt -bordnetz is supported and supported the burner with a capacity of 3.6 kw when starting. The rsg uses as a clipboard for on the go-recovered stream a lithium-ion battery with a capacitance of 11 ah. Yes, these are only 132 wh. The whole force will transfer over a six-speed manual transmission to the front wheel. At the technical configuration, nothing opposes the panda cross, at the data also not: likewise, fiat is 4.1 l / 100 km corresponding to 93 g / km co2 according to wltp, accessible to the nefz. In practice we achieved with the "cross" 5.2 liters.

On average something about five liters of consumption possible

Whether consumption when "urban" panda associated with the same performance as the cross, fiat has not yet been specified. But the price. The panda hybrid urban is to be around 11.Be 800 euros conservation. A panda city cross, as we tested it in may, costs today 13.150 euros, a panda "without" 10.713. The round-thousand euro difference was allowed to save itself again on a longest period of use.


Fiat gives the panda hybrid urban with emission class euro 6d in the press release. Thus, a buyer got a car whose exhaust class runs out at the end of the year. But we were already able to look at the vehicle license when testing the cross panda hybrid. The type code number revealed that fiat has homologated the panda hybrid after the highly high-rise standard, the euro 6d isc-fcm. That’s how it should be, but not every manufacturer plows it.

What the panda remains with the slight electrification is a more competent, something about a ton of light, overall city cars below 3.7 meters with sufficient space for four and after all 225 liters trunk, with which you do not need to despair of occasional overland ride.

In the style of time with interior disinfection package

In the style of time, fiat offers a so-called "proclean package" on which effective germs and pollutants can be combated in the interior. It includes the good "hepa"-fine filter in the fresh air supply, which also refuel allergens, an air purifier in the passenger compartment for the evaporation of pollen or bacteria, as well as a uv lamp, which should disinfect in the parked panda steering wheel, switching crop and seats.

The suzuki ignis (test), also a mildhybrid, goods our comparison pitch. Although it offers a little less trunk, for that slidable back seats, and with 90 hp significantly higher performance (and a cylinder more). The consumption is about the same. Whoever finds him too boring gets the suzuki – yes – as a suven, even with four-wheel drive. Then with three tenths more consumption.

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