Social media: significantly less false information to trumps twitter lock

Social media: Significantly less false information to Trumps Twitter lock

The spread of false information in the social media on the us prassidal election of november of last year is dramatically accumulated after twitter and other platforms have blocked the accounts of the unemployed prassident trump. The number of discussions on alleged electoral false broke in several channels as soon as trump was no longer active there. This has revealed an investigation of the research company zignal labs from san francisco.

Trump’s accounts as a source of false information

As it is in a report of the washington post homes, zignal labs has several social media in the period of 9. Until the 15th. January 2021 examines how often wrong information about the us choice of choice has been shared or discussed. The relevant rules fell by 73 percent, they went from about 2.5 million to 688.000 back. Which social media has studied zignal labs is from the report of washington post not.

Twitter had already begun to provide misleading tweets from donald trump with warnings: for example, that a write-off is uncertain and fraud.

Some of trump’s tweets were hidden and marked with a warning because they clarified against the guidelines of the company – for example, trump’s call that postwahrel should continue to demonstrate on elections on election day to demonstrate an alleged fraud detriment of the postal voting system; this could be considered as a call to double voting, which is illegal.

Allegations trumps after election day, he is the choice "stolen" has been marked twitter as "controversial". Since the democrat joe biden as an official electoral winner, twitter supplied this information to tweets, where trump called himself as an election winner.

Steven solutions

At 6. January 2021 stormed partly armed trump pendant – motivated from a speech trumps shortly before – the capitol in washington. Although the prasident responded to a spater with a video message and called for a madign, but also repeated his unproven assertment of alleged electoral fraud. Twitter marked this tweet because of the day "violent risk", that he contains, and prevented the answer, utility and retieten. Father below twitter the tweet.

In the episode of these events, trumps twitter account was first suspended for 12 hours and durable. Also facebook decided on 7. January to this step, with trump incorporated access to its instagram account at the same time. Already on 8. January, zignal labs observed a significant decline in discussions and shared content on alleged electoral fraud and one "stolen" choice.

Also hashtag usage goes back

Zignal labs also analyzed the use of hashtags on twitter. So the use of "#fightfortrump" about 95 percent against the period until election. Equal "#holdthelins" back, as well as the phrase "march for trump".

In addition, twitter began to overall 70.000 lock user accounts, the conspiration propaganda from the environment of the group "qanon" had spread; apart from this movement were involved in the initialization of the capitol. Facebook listed in the same period at the same time with the slogan "stop the steal", in which a coarse electoral fraud was widespread as a factual statement.

These measures were allowed to contribute in the medium term to involve the dissemination of false information, quotes the washington post a scientist from the washington university university, who is working with disinformation. However, it is questionable whether this is how it stays in the long run.

De-platforming helps, but hardened the fronts

Another researcher with a focus of disinformation said washington post, the decommissioning of user accounts and content in the social media (also called de-platforming) take the affected groups the ability and momentum to address new audiences – especially when the shutdown in this extent takes place, such as twitter, facebook and others it last had done. On the other hand, those who spread such false information were even deployed by de-platforming in their views.

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