Uncomemic communicative – panasonic dmc-fx90

Uncomemic communicative - Panasonic DMC-FX90

On clicking printing images can be transferred to the smartphone or the internet wirelessly.

Panasonic promises versatility thanks to integrated wlan interface to load pictures and videos directly on site using smartphone or a wlan router wirelessly to the internet – and the "completely uncomplicated". How comfortable the network access actually works, we have studied in a practical test.

As a link for access to social networks or picture galleries, panasonic has set up a web service set up the lumix club. The camera itself offers four modes for communication: smartphone, web sevice, av device and pc

Smartphone …

To transfer pictures to the smartphone, you first need the app lumix link. If this is installed, it is important to configure the wi-fi connection between camera and mobile phone. To do this, change to the camera in the playback mode in the submenu wifi setup, elements there smartphone and then follows the instructions that include, among other things, the wlan key. This requires the mobile phone to log in to the camera net. Is the connection, you open the lumix link app. In addition, the wifi button prints on the camera in playback mode and elects smartphone here. Then pictures of the camera can be transferred to the phone memory and continue to distribute social networks or image services from there. Already alone in the reaffirm of this procedure was clear that the path to the transfer of a first picture from the camera to the smartphone is a rocky. But once everything is prepared so far, one requires only a few controls.

… Or ubers home network

Another way to the internet leads via the domestic wlan router and the lumix club. In the test, the camera without problems made the connection to the panasonic web service. Less smoothly worked the access via browser on the pc. You need to configure the desired web services in the lumix club. Our registry attempts acknowledged the club at first with an error message.

Uncomemic communicative - Panasonic DMC-FX90

First login attempts at the lumix club produced this error message.

Only a request for support brought clarity: the required login data that brings the camera to the lumix club and displays on its display, have the form 1234-5678-9012, but in the browser, however, you have to omit the hyphenes at registration. Then you ask yourself: where the user should know such subtleties? The documentation, which also intended us only in english, is welcoming you anyway.

After successful registration you can over the menu my pageweb service link settings now unlock the web services listed there (facebook, youtouube, flickr and picasa). Again, if everything is configured, any camera images can be uploaded to the net with just a few clicks. But the transfer yourself can take again, especially if the camera must first log in to the wi-fi.

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