Asteroid bennu: nasa probe osiris-rex should take sample

Asteroid Bennu: NASA probe Osiris-Rex should take sample

The planned asteroid manover is anything but easy: "i will navigate into a room, which is about three parking spots and surrounded by housebarn boulders", straighted it from the probe osiris-rex per short newsrival service twitter. There she will let them communicate the us space farmers nasa how many other of their spacecraft in ego-shape. "Already tricky." "osiris-rex" should take a sample from the asteroid bennu next tuesday – and bring back this later to earth.

One of the most dangerous asteroids

The deep black bennu with a diameter of around 550 meters was able to close the earth in more than 150 years. Even if the impact risk is very low, nasa bennu pays to the most dangerous known asteroids – and therefore wants to explore it very well. In addition, scientists are hoped by the approximately one billion dollar-expensive mission knowledge of the development of the solar system from more than 4.5 billion years ago, because asteroids are relatively unused ability from this time.

(source: nasa’s goddard space flight center)

The six meter long and 2100 kilograms of heavy probe osiris-rex (origins, spectral interpretation, resource identification, security-regolith explorer) is the first us air cork, which has made a sample on the way to an asteroid, to back the ground. Already in 2005, the japanese spatial probe hayabusa landed on an asteroid and had brought the first to earth in 2010 the first per collected soil samples of such a sky corpers. There were other flights to asteroids and at present brings hayabusa2 material from an asteroid to earth.

Enthusiastic researcher

Osiris-rex was launched in september 2016 by cape canaveral space station and arrived about two years and around 650 million kilometers later at the asteroid. Previously, the probe had already photographed the asteroids for some distance – and the nasa scientists had already inspired the nasa scientists. "I can not really explain them enough how much that means my team", had said nasa researcher dante lauretta at that time. Currently the probe circles the asteroids.

Since arrival, the martin built by the us company lockheed martin has been investigating the asteroids equipped with funf scientific instruments and cameras. The best place was wired for the removal of the sample – a place in a crater in the northern hemisphare of bennu, which was baptized on the name nightingale (nightyall). Because osiris-rex is currently around 290 million kilometers away from earth, nasa control signals need about 16 minutes to the probe.

Osiris-rex: recordings of the asteroid bennu

Asteroid Bennu: NASA probe Osiris-Rex should take sample

The investigations had the nasa scientists "noteworthy opportunities given to expand our knowledge about the behavior of active asteroids", said lauretta – and there were surprises: that’s how bennu spits a few about the seven millimeters of small stone particles in the atmosphere daily. Most move slowly and are attracted again by his weak gravity. They probably did not danger to osiris-rex, but were definitely further examined, striking it from nasa.

Two successful exercises

The actual highlight of the mission, the removal of the sample of the bennu surface, has reused nasa twice in recent months – successfully, as it is called. Even in the third time, osiris-rex bennu should take care of a few meters and then extend a kind of robot arm, the "tuned" (touch-and-go sample acquisition mechanism). This robot arm is intended to retract the surface of the asteroids for about five seconds, aspirated under prere set nitrogen to stir up the surface, and then absorb a sample from about 60 to 2000 grams before the entire probe removed from bennu again.

Then it’s best to wait: osiris-rex should go back to earth again after the manob and deliver the capsule with the sample in the blue planet in about three years.

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