Audi a3 e-tron concept: plug-in hybrid debuts in china

Audi a3 e-tron concept: plug-in hybrid debuts in china

Shanghai (china), 19. April 2011 – audi cars are a coveted status symbol in china, at the same time the people’s republic drives the development of alternative drives with reprint. Therefore, it does not surprise that the ingolstadter with the a3 e-tron concept their latest technical study at the car fair in shanghai (21. To 28. Present april 2011). Visually, the car hardly differs from the steppest model a3 concept, which was only on the geneva salon in marz. However, the a3 e-tron concept shown in china has a plug-in hybrid drive that promises a purely electric range of a good 50 kilometers.

Foretaste of the future a3

Like the new a6, the a3 e-tron concept also has a single-frame grille, the upper corners of which are chamfered. The headlights consist of advanced led lights. Above the front spoiler is a continuous air inlet framed by a metal clip.

Despite lightweight construction no flyweight

The exterior mirrors are made of aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (cfrp) and sit on the window slot strips. The door handles with their brushed aluminum clasps are sunk flush. They come out electrically when you touch them. The wide taillights taper towards the inside, the luggage compartment flap has a sharp tear-off edge. The rear apron integrates a diffuser insert made of cfrp and metal. Expensive components and an elaborate construction should keep the weight of the body low – nevertheless, the a3 e-tron concept weighs 1720 kilograms. Among other things, sheets of different thicknesses are used. The doors, the bonnet and the tailgate are made of aluminum. 20-inch wheels make for a stately appearance.

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