Audi a3: new edition in the quality check

Audi a3: new edition in the quality check

Ingolstadt, 27. April 2012 – the final preparations for the final start of series production of the new audi a3 are underway. We were able to take a look behind the scenes of the quality arance department.


Past a life-size plusch-bock it goes into the hall, in which the aufeisterbock is at home. This is a test tool with which the accuracy of fit of components to one another is checked. The aufeisterbock is nothing but a massive metal carrier plate. With the help of aluminum profiles, the sheet metal and outer trim parts are attached. Trimmed parts are things such as stobbar, headlights and mirrors. Every detail is checked with hand- and cnc-controlled measuring machines.

The joints are just as important as the protrusion of a rear light over the rear apron, for example. Thanks to ever better manufacturing methods and the ingenious testing methods on the aubenmeister jig, the joints have been drawn ever closer and more evenly in recent years. It is not for nothing that the head of the volkswagen supervisory board, ferdinand piech, bears the nickname behind closed doors "fugen-ferdl". In some places on the new a3, such as the transition from the front bumper to the fender, there is now an elaborate zero joint. There the materials are optically directly on top of one another. On the inside of the body are overlapped here the components.

Function cubes

Before the individual parts can be put on the master jig, they are already prepared in small assemblies on so-called function cubes. These cubes are created nine months before sop (start of production). The problem with this is that various components, such as rear lights, are not even available from the supplier at this point in time. So they are milled as a dummy from an aluminum block according to a technical drawing.

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