Audi ai: me: compact car study with electric motor

Audi ai: me: compact car study with electric motor

At auto shanghai, audi is showing the ai: me concept vehicle, a vision that many others have long had. The manufacturer has announced a new urban mobility concept for the metropolises of the future. After all, it seems to have arrived at audi that overly and overly motorized electric suvs like the e-tron fall short of the road and climate change.

The ai: me is reminiscent of a more modern, rounder and more pleasing interpretation of the bmw i3 from the competitor from munich. However, the city audi is significantly longer. At 4.30 m it exceeds the i3 by 29 cm and even the current vw golf (4.26 m). At 4.36 m, even the seat ateca suv is only slightly longer. That is already huge for an urban mode of transport of the future.


But audi justifies this with the new, spacious interior concept, which benefits from the 2.77 m long wheelbase. As the press release says, the ai: me is designed as a two-plus-x-seater. Literally: "if necessary, however, there is space for up to four people in the front and on the rear bench". Four people in a compact suv-grobe vehicle – that doesn’t sound really sensational. However, the four occupants should be offered a new quality of freedom of movement, storage and operating convenience. Especially with autonomous driving conditions for which the ai: me up to level 4 is prepared. At this second highest level of automated driving, the driver no longer needs to be careful. However, in contrast to level 5, autonomous driving is only possible in restricted areas such as motorways or technically designated urban areas.

Vr glasses and eye control

If the ai: me moves autonomously, the steering wheel and pedals retract. The driver can then turn the seat or put his feet up on a kind of ottoman. The rear passengers can also comfortably lean into the moving lounge. Magnetic storage surfaces should help with a snack by securely fixing metal cups or plates. In the meantime, you can surf the internet or enjoy a movie using vr glasses, which makes the coarse window areas of the ai: me obsolete. Classic control elements are also a thing of the past. Almost everything is controlled via an oled screen that stretches across the entire width of the vehicle under the windshield. It works largely via eye control. Other controls, e.G.B. In the rear, only become visible when you approach them with your hand.

125 kw for a top speed of 100 km / h

According to audi, it has optimized the drive for city traffic. The fact that the electric motor has an output of 125 kw is unnecessary for this purpose. Especially since the top speed of the ai: me should be limited to just over 100 km / h, according to audi.

With a storage capacity of 65 kwh, the ai: me should be less equipped for long distances than for hours in city traffic. After all, that’s almost double what a bmw i3 has (33.2 kwh). So the visionary of the ai: me falls short of expectations. The city audi with electric motor is definitely too late as a concept in shanghai. On the other hand, it is logical in terms of corporate policy that a reasonable compact car with an electric motor must first come from the core brand vw. Only then can audi introduce an i3 competitor.

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