Audi brings a silver arrow home

Audi brings a silver arrow home

Ingolstadt, 10. August 2012 – lost, lost and now again: audi has recovered a race car from the ara of silver arrows. The history of the vehicle is an adventure with a good end.

Dominance in the 1930s

The audi-ag transaction "auto union" and mercedes-benz brought in 1934 racing car to the strain, which worked like technology from the future. The streamlined silvery dessers quickly had their nicknames away: silver arrow. Mercedes built on front engines, auto union positioned the engine behind the driver – this principle has been previously enforced in formula 1. Until the outbreak of the second world war 1939, auto union and mercedes dominated the racetracks of this world with their bolides.

For auto union, bernd rosemeyer, tazio nuvolari and hans stuck put behind him, with mercedes rudolf caracciola, manfred of cunstsch and hermann long rushed into the race. The heroes of the time moved their cars without any significant safety technology in the border area, often traveled with over 300 km / h. In 1937 rosemeyer drove quickly at the berlin avus race with a silver arrow 380 km / h.

Off to the ussr

After the end of the second world war in 1945, germany was divided: into the soviet occupation zone in the east of the country and in the areas occupied by the westallies. Located in the western part of germany, mercedes could save his silver arrows almost all intact. Auto union from the zwickau located in the east, it met uneven hard: the company has been dissolved and the production facilities were shut down. The silver arrows were housed in the above-ground hall of a mine and went as a reparation performance in the then ussr. In a flat mab with a distance large country in the world, the traces of the rare race cars lost very quickly.

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