Autonomous truck convoys on the a9 now in the practical test

Autonomously driving trucks of the db daughter schenker are now on the a9 motorway between munchen and nurnberg three times daily with charge in everyday use on the road. Federal minister of transport andreas scheuer, man chef joachim drees and the german-bahn item alexander doll and sabina jeschke gave today (25. June 2018) in neufahrn at munchen the starting signal for the "worldwide first practice of networked truck columns". The transports were so safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly, said scrub.

Two trucks with attachments should be at the end of 2019 at a distance of only 15 meters held for the usual trucks prescribed 50 meters distance on the highway. The front truck is directed by a driver, the back of a computer. Driving in the windshadow spare 10 percent fuel, so three liters diesel per 100 kilometers, said db-board alexander doll. "Digitization must use the customer, this is not an end in itself."

At the same time, the convoy space on the superfulled highway save: instead of 90 meters, the two load-bearing took only 40 meters long, said doll. In addition, the vehicles are safer on the road: a human driver reacts only after a shunt, the computer already in milliseconds. In the autonomous truck sitting as a precaution, a driver sits, which can intervene at any time.

The truck manufacturers daimler, man, scania, volvo, daf and iveco had sent six autonomously driving truck convoys in 2016 in a unique ride of several states to rotterdam. Drees said the challenge is to leave different truck brands in a common convoy. So far, there is no uniform coupling. There is also a payment model for columns with trucks of various freight forwarders. Sprit costs and driver time only save the autonomously following trucks.

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