Bluetdi: clean man for america

Bluetdi: clean man for america

Wolfsburg, 28. April 2008 – volkswagen wants to make the diesel engine more attractive for the american market. The rising fuel prices, which are always more painful in the us, could help. Although there was a few years ago, whether in the strict emission standards and the poor availability of high-quality diesel in the usa the self-cord has all the opportunities. But as well as the colleagues of daimler, the engineers of the volkswagen group did not have to diade their optimism.

New opportunities for the diesel

You can argue about whether the diesel engine is competitive with its disadvantages in nitrogen oxide and rubem emissions. But as undeniable are currently its advantages in consumption, and that can also convince the americans in your need. And that there are interesting solutions for the principle diesel disadvantages, according to the youngest reie of the new diesel engine family of mercedes-benz now also volkswagen:

At the international vienna motor symposium on 24. And 25. April 2008 vw introduced the series version of bluetdi – a new generation turbodiesel developed for north america. The common rail motor is based on the high-tech tdi in 2007 in europe with the tiguan high-tech tdi with 2.0 liters of displacement, which is already filling in the autumn of 2009 euro 5 standard. For the even more difficult conditions of use in the us, volkswagen has further developed the four-cylinder engine with internal motor macers and supplements it by a nox storage catalyst.

"California has been waiting for it"

Background for the technical appension is the funf state exposity states bin5 / lev2, which is considered the sharpest in the world. Despite the fuel qualitat fluctuating in the us, the new blueti already involves this standard. The new engine is used according to vw for the first time in the us jetta – and already from summer 2008. "Through the high fuel prices and a clearly changed environmental awareness, the diesel engine rises day in the favor of the us car driver," says jens hadler, head of volkswagen aggregate development – many customers had a clean diesel in california as the bluetdi of vw waited.

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