Carburetor fluffing and past declaration

So a day has to start: pumping, starting, rummets, is the engine! Before shard that the day really starts, i wonder the 2000 cs immediately again. No matter: now i will know how this engine starts immediately and can suppose the nose lift over the rest of the world that does not know that. Today it is raining. Nothing bad, because the tires are very good despite their age even in wet pretty well. There are two things that are much worse than rain and who have grown out to the true problem on this rally: volkswagen driver and the blacks of the rally participants in a medium sl (r 107).

From unexpected grounds volkswagen driver hate the dyeracht. They jump out of crosses on which they actually had to get the right of way. Backboard bow from steuerboardbug, human children! You know that. A particularly boser man is always traveling with his passat in the middle of the strain, centerline by license plate, so that the old cars do not pass him past him, which jams behind him, which fifles the ferrari 308. Such people have shrunkled small raisin gays, maybe driving too much passat.

The sl as r 107 may be a special diligence problem. His drivers fear as a rule so before curves that we had to pick up to be riverly through the scene to carve. But the sl then has enough power that he pulls away on the straight. So there must be some viewing range to pick up, and that’s rare in the mountains. Those who can not imagine how such a thing becomes a problem that has not seen how many r 107 ride on lake constance classic. There must have been thousands, at least.

The problem has been unified or misunderstood. When benni had worked past this gray v8-sl for days of days, sepp waved by the technique shortly thereafter to ask if we still had a picker l for the service x5. Still at "naa, hamma ned" rushed past the gray curve concrete blocker. Something is like like a lifetime monday with meetings in it.


No matter, sepp may that. Because we still during the formula 1 honor of the four-cylinder front under the hood of the "donauhais" entertained, it is not a four-cylinder more, but only a three-cylinder with a suboptimal ignition sequence. It also smells strongly after gasoline in the cabin. We stop in the parking lot in front of a review plan, hood: the cabin-side carburetor floats in gasoline. So it is probably neither the zundkerzen nor on the distributor, but at the failure. I hate the things. Carburetors have already caused me a lot of sl-gray hair.

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