“Don’t let them in ..”

The racist computer game inciting violence against immigrants from mexico "border patrol" heats up the debate in the usa

A conflict has broken out in the u.S. Over how to deal with illegal immigrants, especially from latin america. While the u.S. President and parts of congress want legalization, others are calling for the expulsion of all immigrants and the construction of a wall on the border with mexico. Immigrants have already staged rude demonstrations for legalization, and millions are expected to take to the streets again today. A primitive computer game about deporting as many immigrants as possible, although several years old, has now become a scandal, expressing the aggressive mood of the right wing. For some time now, right-wingers such as the minuteman organization have been monitoring the border.

Flash game border patrol is quite simple. The aim of the game is to shoot all "drug smugglers", "mexican nationalists" and "brooders", represented as women with many children, if they want to cross the border into the usa. So it says: "there is a simple goal in this game: don’t let them in … By any means necessary."At the border river in the desert there is a sign "welcome to the united states" with a u.S. Flag perforated by bullets, but instead of the stars it contains only the star of david. Below is another sign with an arrow: "welfare office". This indicates an origin from right-wing pigeons.

It is not known by whom the controversial racist and xenophobic game was made. However, when the result of the game is given out, a name with a logo appears: zine14.Com. Obviously a website and possibly an indication about the producers of the game. The bloodthirsty and malicious game can be downloaded from the pcdevils website. It says that the game has been around since 2002, but that pcdevils, whose operator is apparently based in texas, has nothing to do with it. Because of the dispute about the racist game, the operator has blocked the entry page for the time being and left only a text. The game is to be downloaded however further, since one does not want to be dictated neither by the media nor by parts of the offentlichkeit say, which one has to do and to omit. On another site dedicated to the us nazi tom metzger, the game can be found among some other racist and inciting to violence games.

It does sound like pcdevils is behind the game, but bloggers and journalists have also been trying to figure out who is behind zine14.Com is stuck. The corresponding website is not online. If you look under the whois, you will find a name and address in caracas, venezuela. Some find this strange, since relations between venezuela and the u.S. Are strained, however, the website has apparently been on a server in maryland and the venezuelan represents domibot, a company that automatically registers domains that have already been registered but abandoned and is apparently not popular with everyone.

Jack thompson, a lawyer who specializes in lawsuits against violent computer games (media frenzy over controversial violent computer game creates increasing demand), demands that the game be banned: "it poses a clear and present danger to an entire class of people. Illegal immigration is a real problem, but this game only makes the debate more raw."The anti-defamation league states growing xenophobia and violence against foreigners. There is a warning against a "hunt" for foreigners. Jonathan bernstein of the adl in a cnn report, "it suggests to players that they resort to violence."

Tom metzger, a nazi and so-called "weiber suprematist", defends the game in a particularly unsavory way: "i explained to a mexican activist that he had better be satisfied if we just play this game on a computer, because the mood of thousands of people is approaching a boiling point." a spokesman for the u.S. Border patrol said his agency rejects violence.

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