Gorillas-procured protests again in front of headquarters in berlin

Gorillas-procured protests again in front of headquarters in Berlin

Some dozen drivers of the food delivery service gorillas have again protested before the headquarters of the company in berlin for better working conditions. The initiators of the action previously criticized on the news service twitter working time and sick leave regulations as well as the payment inadequate from their point of view. On transparents, they called for further workers to let the breaders stand and participate in the protest. In the afternoon gorilla’s businessman kagan sumer sought the demonstrating employee for a conversation.

In the past, it has come to protests under the drivers and drivers again and again. Gorillas is an even young competitor on the fast growing market for food delivery services. The company promises to be ten minutes after ordering at the customer. Gorillas, above all, provides supermarket articles and no restaurant orders.

The company take "the concerns of our employees very seriously", parted it on monday. Already two weeks ago, the procured improvement maws were presented and launched. Among other things, it is about the possibility to obtain immediate access to salary settlement.

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