Individual coach

Individual coach

Hanover, 31. Mar 2014 – generations of wanderlust sufferers have used the bulli as a vehicle for exploring the world, hundreds of traveling freaks have traveled in t1s and t2s from europe to india, and visited the legendary chicken street in kabul to stop off at sigi’s. At some point the whole thing hit "hippie trail". With the beginning of the conflict between the us-backed taliban and the red army troops, this glory came to an end in the early 80s: new overland routes were now being explored in africa.

In the hands of enterprising individual travelers, the single transporter made it to the remotest corners even before the hippies and made a good name for itself, because it was robust and what little was on it was easy to repair. That was his good inheritance from the 50s, where sustainability still paid. What the majority of the freaks didn’t live to see was the all-wheel drive, which was introduced in t3 and t4 under the name of "syncro" syncro – and today as "4motion" with haldex clutch. The bulli was no longer simple – and certainly not cheap. No miracle that one sees on the material-consuming routes (there are also still today) as good as no bullis from t4 upwards more.

Better before the opera

The coaches, which vw offers on bulli basis, are now highly engineered and most customers found them simply too bad for hemdsarmelige tours. But the myth they buy naturally with pleasure. With the multivan alltrack, vw now shows how an all-wheel drive bus can be paired with a particularly classy interior. The addition "alltrack" is combined for the first time with the bulli, until now only a planked passat carries this name.

The concept car wears a jacket instead of goretex, is finished in a white color called "moonstone mother-of-pearl effect" . The 19-inch aluminum wheels are also better suited for an appearance in front of the opera than for stony creek beds. The stobfanger in gray suggest in matt silver a lower protection, which does not exist at all. At least now the long-distance travel freak holds his sides – if he can muster so much humor. Wheel arch, side protection strips and the loading sill are planked in the color of the stobfanger.

The seats are covered with finely quilted, gray-blue natural leather of the brand poltrona frau and form a counterpoint to the dark brown real wood ship floor. A hand-width decorative strip set in aluminum below the edge of the window is also made of this open-pored material. The trim extends into the cockpit on both sides to form a visual clasp for the eight-inch touchscreen info system. A dynaudio surround sound package with center speaker is designed to produce a melodious sound.

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