Japanese researchers want to send 2023 satellite from wood to all

Japanese researchers want to send 2023 satellite from wood to all

For satellites that can choose without harmful jerks in the atmosphere, japanese researchers are now putting on wood. Together with the wood company sumitomo forestry, scientists of the universitat kyoto want to develop the first wooden satellite, which should start 2023. That reports nikkei asia.

The satellite should not only bring in re-entry into the atmosphere not only to leave without polluting rucks, but also allow simpler structures. Because since the natural product blocks neither electromagnetic waves nor the earth magnetic field, technical rates such as antennas could be relocated to the interior.

With wood against air pollution

According to the report, the researchers want to find out the valid processing for wood. It is all about resistance to the coarse temperature differences and the strong sunlight, they explained the bbc. Which wood is used is a trade secret. Sumitomo forestry has more than 400 years of experience in dealing with the material.

According to the british news channel, the responsible scientist takao doi still explained that they want to find ways to counteract the burden on atmosphere with harmful aluminum particles. These have been released so far the re-entry of satellites and "at some point, that will affect the environment". The researcher was as a astronaut twice himself in space.

Your idea of setting wood as building material for space in space is not new: three nasa room probes of the so-called ranger program for exploring the moon had landscapes on board, which were salvaged in balsaholz and should raise on the moon – what but only partially successful. The hardest part for a wooden satellite is not the start. It is the extreme conditions in space, as popular science has explained years ago, which challenge the building material. So wood contains a lot of water, which was damped in space and thereby the structure destabilized. In addition, konne wood do not distribute the warm of the sunlight so well over the entire satellite. Also, the building material does not help against the ever acute problem of space chrotto.

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