Koenigsegg agera r with thule roof box

Koenigsegg agera r with thule roof box

Geneva (switzerland), 3. Marz 2011 – a roof box from thule is actually nothing special. But it is different when the box is mounted on a koenigsegg agera r. For the super sports car thule has developed a so-called "winter vehicle roof" called lightning. The result will be shown at the geneva motor show (3. To 13. March 2011).

Power galore

The 4.29-meter-long and two-meter-wide agera r is a further development of the normal agera, which already has a useful engine of 910 hp. For the r-version, the v8 biturbo gasoline engine with five liters of displacement will produce 1115 hp. The maximum torque of 1200 nm is reached at 4100 revs and is available in a 3300 revs continuous range. Zero to 100 km in 2.9 seconds. According to koenigsegg, a top speed of 440 km is theoretically possible. On request, this lock can be removed for a short period of time if all conditions, such as road or tire condition, are suitable.


The agera r has a chassis made of carbon fiber, and lightweight materials are used in other areas as well. The result is a kerb weight of 1330 kilograms. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission weighs only 81 kilograms. It features both a dry and a wet clutch to reduce shifting times. The koenigsegg comes to a standstill with a ceramic braking system. An important distinguishing feature of the agera r is the permanently installed rear spoiler. This changes its angle due to the prere of the wind.

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