Municipality wants to stop hass demos against youtuber drachenlord

Municipality wants to stop Hass Demos against YouTuber Drachenlord

The middle frankish community emskirchen has enough of the durable arger around the controversial youtuber "dragon lord". It has adopted a general distribution, after which from tuesday in the district altschauerberg, among other things, should be forbidden to grow people’s collisions and all possible objects, which serve as a weapon or throwing floor. The police pointed out on facebook that everyone who did not hesitate to threaten a fine of up to 1000 euros.

Between the youtuber, under the name "dragon lord" for several years, videos about his life published, and his opponents there are always dispute. He provokes in his clips with partly extreme views.

Demonstrations and riots around the house of the youtuber has regularly called the police on the plan for years. Media had previously reported that the community with the general distribution the "continuous application load" reduce wool. "For a while, it is less, then it flames again", said a spokesman for the police president of middle franconia.

Sometimes more than 100 people gathered in the district – partly from far away. A prohibition of entry now prevents those who received a place of space within the last three years.

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