Overhaul: zoom invested in machine learning

Overhaul: Zoom invested in Machine Learning

Zoom is on the growth course: kite-friendly the german startup kites gmbh to the videoconferencing provider. Thus zoom wants to secure expertise in the field of machine translations.

The takeover of the start-up company has zoom at yesterday’s monday, 29. June 2020, announced on his own blog. The two-headed team from germany specializes in methods with which natural and spontaneous language with artificial intelligence can be processed automatically. Kites is one of the karlsruhe institute for technology (kit) based in the city.

Revise language barriers

According to the press release, zoom wants to maintain this site – and work together with developers from their own house at a multilingual translation tool. The aim is to degrade language barriers and to make seamless speechous interaction to a reality of the day’s life. In terms of zoom meetings, the spoken word could be translated live in the future.

Zoom wants to invest in the expansion of the team in karlsruhe and build a research and development location out there. Further details, such as the purchase price of kites, were not published. Zoom was allowed to have enough funding to buy a research institution. In the first quarter of this year, the company has generated $ 956.2 million in us dollar sales – threefold compared to the previous year.

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