Point form should come into force in 2014

In "audience" wants federal traffic minister peter ramsauer (csu) convert the flensburg file, which so far "traffic central registers" is called. Because the point system for clares at the tax is intended to bring random drivers stronger to reason – and at the same time becoming easier. After months of discussions, the reform should now still get the curve before the general election. In the bundestag she was passed on thursday night, now follows the federal council. Stay some concerns.

How many points is still still available?

When ramsauer presented first outlines at the beginning of last year, the motorist club adac spoke of a "revolution in flensburg". Meanwhile, some amendments have been changed, after thousands of burger had reported in an internet forum. The current scale of 1 to 7 points is therefore not as much simplified as planned. Instead of two, there is art to give three categories: depending on the severity of the breath so 1, 2 or 3 points. The driver’s license should be away from 8 points, which threatens now at 18 points. However, the ministry experts expect only a "marginal increase" of the withdrawals. So far, it is always about 5000 a year at scatzt 54 million fuhrerschein-holders.

What happens to the stored points?

An amnesty should not give it, the 47 million existing points are translated in principle. Because artificially only offenses are stored, which are security-relevant, many car driver account was allowed to empty. Of the good nine million burgers with entry in flensburg, about one million could disappear completely from the file. To be eliminated, for example, the one point furs is driving into the environmental zones of coarse dates without prescribed plaque. But it costs 80 instead of 40 euros instead of so far. Even with others, the combination of points and pubes should be redesigned.

How to get rid of points again?

According to the complicated memory rules, every new one prevents the fact that the detected points can be easily lolled. Kunftig applies: every point decreased separately. For this they remain registered with serious violations but a long time, namely depending on the severity at least two and a half and up to ten years. Actually, ramsauer also wanted to conclude that over voluntary seminars are just repetition at points "free". The coalition partner fdp awesome but hard for professional drivers and put through that this possibility does not completely remove completely. If you have a maximum of 4 to 5 points, you should reduce two points as once within five years. The newly designed seminars cost kennel but 600 euros instead of 200 euros, as the adac expects.

How about?

With the improvements, the opportunities could have risen that the 2004 reform can enter into force. Last stage is the federal council, which had also formulated concerns. Expected to be on 7. June he was once again dealing with it. The lawyer club continues to complain about finer distinguishing possibilities for traffic survivors threatened to stay on the route. On the other hand, the adac is already self-confidently called the suspected first day of validity: 1. February 2014.

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