Rumors, ominous figures and coincidence?

A clip of a denunciatory film about the prophet’s life posted on youtube is said to be responsible for deadly riots at the u.S. Embassies in cairo and benghazi

The film clip on youtube cited as the cause of riots in front of the u.S. Embassy in cairo and the u.S. Consulate in benghazi (where the u.S. Ambassador to libya and three american diplomats were killed), after the first scenes that still preserve the hope of a possibly successful satire, very soon becomes unbearably bad, flat, cheap and vicious in its crude simplicity.

The film clip begins with scenes just before and during a riot of raging muslims. The scene as well as the characters portrayed, perpetrators, victims and security forces, are stereotypes familiar from countless television and film portrayals. In their exaggeration, they initially leave open the possibility of wit and esprit to challenge the simple theatricality and speech bubble dialogues to another level. The fact that cliches of violent zealots do provide useful material for satire, always with the artifice of very striking dialogues, is demonstrated, for example, by the british director chris morris in his film four lions.

Even with this film, which according to titanic is one of the "rough hopes justified", there was the usual concern, before it was released in german cinemas last year, that reactions to it would be "could turn out violently" (how dangerous is a film with "stupid jihadis"?). The then magical fear of the csu member of the bundestag stephan mayer, "oil could be poured into the fire", did not confirm.

Odors, ominous figures and coincidence?

Excerpt from the youtube trailer

The case is quite different with the film excerpt mentioned at the beginning, which lacks anything that could broaden the view or deepen the understanding of the subject, which comes to terms with the wicked, merciless exaggeration with understanding intelligence, for instance with knowledge of human nature. Unlike morris, the israeli-american contractor sam bacile from california, who is the producer and director of the "film drama", from which the excerpt is taken, is poorly researched or not researched at all, which is why it can be amed that he has bad intentions.

[insertion: evidence (here) that the name sam bacile is a pseudonym is so far much more convincing than evidence that a film director with this name exists at all. Although some reports (for example in the wall street journal or from ap) speak of a telephone interview with a man of this name. However, it is said that at present "on the run" be. From the statements in the interview about "a california phone number", reflecting what is also mentioned here – the alleged 5 million budget; that the islam "cancer" cannot, of course, be inferred from the existence of a man with this name, who is said to have similarities to "imbecile (fool) – although there is a great variety in the names of artists. Somewhat hidden is an untrustworthy man named steve klein, who is introduced as a self-proclaimed terrorist expert, identified as a consultant for the film. ]

At the center of the film, which according to the new york times "the innocence of muslims" ("innocence of muslims") is an episodic, sketchy portrayal of the life of the prophet muhammad in american, carried by an obsessive, missionary will to infantile exaggeration of the character into a juvenile-restrained preacher of violence, who is joined by primitive, stupid ruffians at the mercy of lusts and urges. Of course, image taboos associated with the prophet in islam are broken. Sure, he is shown having sex with docile women subjected to him. In an interview, bacile reportedly described islam as a "cancer" have designated. According to the new york times, he is said to have raised five million dollars from "from one hundred jewish donors", for his film. The two-hour film is said to have been shot in california last year.

At "the lede"-newspaper’s blog, it is also learned that said film excerpt had been posted on youtube since july and attracted little attention until last week, when an arabic version surfaced and was soon copied.

The riots

This is different since then. The film clip was referenced in an arabic-language blog by, among others, an american copt of egyptian origin named morris sadek, who, according to the nyt, is notorious for verbal attacks against muslims; it made the rounds on the web, and egyptian publications reported on it. The attention was there, especially since the egyptian television also brought a clip.

Yesterday, tuesday, the anniversary of 9. In benghazi, libya, emporia also attacked the u.S. Mission, a consulate, killing a senior u.S. Department of defense employee. [update: according to a more recent report, the u.S. Ambassador and three embassy staff were killed in benghazi yesterday when the ambassador’s car, which they were using to flee the riots, was fired on with rockets]. In her reaction to the riots, secretary clinton also pointed to the film clip on the internet as a possible cause:

"Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet," she said. "The united states deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But let me be clear: there is never any justification for violent acts of this kind."

Pastor jones and other dark masters

In the background, ominous figures such as pastor terry jones of gainesville, who gained international notoriety two years ago for announcing a koran burning (terry jones, the caricature and the fear of chaos). An egyptian newspaper speculated that he was involved in the production of the film. Whether this is a rumor or not is not known with certainty. But jones’ involvement in the film made the rounds and may have added to the excitement. The well-known egyptian blogger zeinobia also included the allegation in her account of the events outside the u.S. Embassy in cairo. She reports that the rumor was spread that all u.S. Tv stations would broadcast the film on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. What is remarkable is her observation that "ironically, those who redistributed the film online were mostly islamists".

Jones did not confirm that he was involved in the production of the film, but took the opportunity to use the attention for self-promotion and dissemination of his own islamophobic views. The film shows in a satirical way the life of muhamad, he is not (!) designed to attack muslims, but to point out the destructive ideology of islam.

However, this simple catching of the preacher is contrasted with observations that point to more complex backgrounds. Thus, the egyptian blogger, who saw al-qaeda flags at the protest in front of the u.S. Embassy in cairo and many salafists, some of them well-known, wonders why they succeeded in storming the walls of the u.S. Embassy, which they did not succeed in doing at a brief protest in front of the syrian embassy just a few blocks away, because the syrian embassy was better secured. Others, commenting on the reports of the riots, wonder if it was just a coincidence that u.S. Embassies in libya and egypt were attacked almost simultaneously by an angry mob.

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