The european automotive industry is on shrink course

The sales crisis in europe has fully caught the automakers: the us group ford wants to fill his work in belgian genk with 4300 employees, the french car maker psa (peugeot, citroen) must take advantage of state aid in a billion balance for his financial daughter. With the likewise battered general motors subsidiary opel psa now wants to develop vehicles together to save costs. And also industriesprimus volkswagen can not completely escape the development: the operative profit shrinks, the paragraph in western europe brockets.

Vw controlls globally continues to record on a record rate of deliveries and sales, but the weak europe market in conjunction with investment costs in new models printed the operating result in the third quarter by around a funftel to 2.3 billion euros. This divided the group with a total of zwolf car brands on wednesday in wolfsburg. Volkswagen deserved volkswagen 11.3 billion euros (plus 59 percent) – but is a coarse part of it on the success of the sports car forge porsche to feed back. Their numbers were included in the vw balance after integration at the beginning of august.

France told psa peugeot citroen state guarantees of up to seven billion euros to ensure the future of the financial division specializing in vehicle loans. In addition, the planned cooperation with opel was concretized. Like the german carmaker, psa suffers from its dependence on the shrinking european market. In the car graft, sales in the third quarter fell by 8.5 percent, divided into two european manufacturers on wednesday after vw. The company had already begotten to delete around 8,000 jobs and shut up a work in the nearby paris. However, this stobs at resistance of trade unions and politics. Peugeot, citroen and opel want to build on four common platforms vans, middle-class cars and small cars. With the opel mother gm psa had entered an alliance at the beginning of the year. Through cooperation, two billion dollars (1.5 billion. Euro) saved. Scheduled is also a collaboration when purchasing parts.

Unclear remained the impact on today’s locations and workplaces. There is no decluses yet, said an opel spokesman in russelsheim. The workers of the two corporations were not allowed to be played against each other, explained works council wolfgang schafer-klug. "An exhortable spiral of income and working conditions will not help any of the two sides of the alliance", it is in an explanation for the european employee forum of opel and the british sister brand vauxhall.

Ford wants to shut down its production at the belgian site genk by the end of 2014 because of the sales crisis. There were now a conversation with the employee representatives, read ford europe on wednesday in koln. Affected around 4300 worked plus about 5,000 workplaces depended on the ford plant. The union csc metea spoke of one "bitter pill for the entire region". The car maker wanted to rebuild its production in europe and react to the changed market, ford charged the step. The production of the ford mondeo, s-max and galaxy models to valencia in spain and from there the production of c-max and grand c-max to saarlouis in saarland should be relocated. In the entire industry, demand for cars in western europe have been reduced by 20 percent since 2007, striking it at ford. In september, car new pastes in the eu had shrunk according to the industry association acea the twelve month in a row.

Volkswagen is also more likely to expect a compaction of the sales crisis for the next few months. Ceo martin winterkorn spoke of "growing counterwind", financial officer hans dieter poch stressed, however: "we are broadly situated worldwide and financially sound like hardly a second." the euro crisis with its effects just on the budgets of potential car buyers in sudenuropa had discontinued the demand, but the german market is currently clearly developing.

Affected are now no longer only the volume manufacturers with a focus on europe, but even the providers of upper class vehicles. Daimler boss dieter zetsche schwor the workforce of the mercedes carmaker on wednesday in a letter to the workforce on a rigid austerity. The stuttgart group presents this thursday (25.10.) its figures for the third quarter.

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