The upturned i8

The upturned i8

Hamburg, 14. April 2016 – heidewitzka, is the off! Whoever accelerates the bmw 225xe made of narrow curves or at the traffic light, experiences the strong of an electrically supported four-wheel drive. Front works with petrol operated three-cylinder turbomotor with 100 kw (136 hp) power. At the back, an electric machine adds another 65 kw (88 hp). The system performance indicates bmw with 165 kw (224 hp); the maximum torque is 385 nm. What makes the 225xe interesting is the direct derivation of its powertrain from the bmw i8. Only that at the plug-in hybrid in the body of the family-owned active tourer, everything is rotated 180 degrees when looking from above.

From 38.700 euros bmw sells a stucco of the preliminary assistant. For comparison: the most promoting active tourer 216i costs at least 26.100 euros. The 225i xdrive ejected with a conventional mechanical four-wheel drive starts at 40.200 euros. The actual charm of the 225xe we driven is his plug-in hybrid concept. It is curious, it is interesting – and once again proves that the combination of combustion and electric motor combines not only the pre-, but also the disadvantages of both drive techniques.

Braking weight

Thus, the immediate trailing experience shows that worth 6.7 seconds (factory information) are overhated by a permanent feeling of the remedy. The eye-weight view confirms this impression: 1.735 kilograms are much for a car that competes in the format with the volkswagen golf sportsvan, and there are more than 150 kg more than in 225i xdrive and 340 kg more than in 216i. The bmw 225xe is through and through a bmw, the steering is excellent and precise, and yet the ballast slows down the driving joy in each curve.

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