Workshop must not use brought ol

Motorol is mostly favorable in the trade than the contract workshop. Who wants to save a few euros at the ol change, can come up with the idea of bringing his ol. But that does not necessarily work: the workshop can refuse the oil of the brought ols, as the central association german car industry (zdk) communicates. The background for this is that the workshops are obliged to carry out the olwitch according to the specifications of the automaker. If a motor damage on incorrect ol can be reduced, threatens the loss of the warranty according to the zdk. In addition, the workshop does not take any material defect for bringing ol.

However, constantin hack from the auto club europa (ace) suggests that it is available on the free market ol to open the manufacturer’s specifications and also has its release. "We advise consumers who want to bring their ol to the workshop in advance to clear whether they are ready to use it."If necessary, the workshops were then collected a service or disposal fee. "It’s otherwise calculated in the price of furs ol, with the ol brought, not," he says.

Even with closed containers, however, a certain caution is required, because the information on the olflaschen are not always clear how zdk spokesman ulrich koster says. If clearly clarifies that the ol is really released by the manufacturer, do nothing against its use. But, so koster: "the last decision must always meet the workshop."

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