Apple: xcode 12.5 supported with swift 5.4 a model for secondary fatigue

Apple: Xcode 12.5 supports with Swift 5.4 a model for secondary

Apple has the new version 12.5 of his development environment published xcode and not only packed in it for mac developer. Likewise, apple wants to have fixed a vulnerability that mimited in connection with the git implementation under macos big sur 11 an arbitrary code execution.

Swift 5.4 and more support for developers

Xcode enjoys new functions from year to year, and as beta versions already suggested, the current release has a lot of innovations that go beyond pure error corrections and stability improvements. Especially the current version 5 states.4 of apple’s programming language swift scores with compiler improvements and in the context also a new model for secondary. The type checker and the car resistance should also spare unnecessary timeouts in the current release of reliable work and mac developers, as they could occur in chained prints.

Innovations at the clang compiler and build system

Under the hood, apple continued to adapt the clang compiler and expand the build system. The latter knows, for example, the new-archive flag, which allows developers and developers to exert a failed spelling for creating an xcframework from one or more archives. The lldb debugger also offers new features, here for the evaluation of expressions in stl containers and algorithms.

More visible than the many detail improvements, on the apple in the release notes for xcode 12.5 approaches are otherwise the extensions in the device simulator of the development environment. There, developer now can now make video recordings from your apps and create animated gifs from the recordings. Less the full potential of the development environment, readers in the linked mac i-article find further clues.

Security update and further information

As far as the security update (cve-2021-21300) is concerned, the company is used to covers, but ares that the problem with improved checks of repositories is now resolved. In fact, the git project had already introduced a solution at the beginning of may, apple is now at this point with xcode.

Xcode 12.5 contains the sdks for the operating system versions ios 14.5, ipados 14.5, tvos 14.5, watchos 7.4 and macos big sur 11.3. As a minimum condition, it requires a mac with the operating system macos big sur from version 11. The development environment is available for download uber apple’s developer portal and the mac app store. Details on the aspects of the release concerning swift can reader the message to swift 5.4 remove.

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