Austria sues over bnd spying

"Full disclosure" austrian interior minister demands full clarification on whether bnd aided nsa in industrial espionage

Things are getting nasty for the german government. Now the austrian public prosecutor’s office has filed a complaint against unknown persons, because the bnd as an aide of the nsa has spied not only on france, but possibly also on austria to the detriment of the country.

Minister of the interior johanna mikl-leitner (ovp) explained that the complaint was filed already on tuesday. "We demand full clarification", said the minister. The suspicion exists that the bnd could have helped the american secret service nsa to spy on politicians and companies.

Controversy has broken out in the governing coalition in berlin over the abhoraffare. However, frontal21 (zdf) found that as recently as 2013, the bnd spied on mail addresses of european politicians, ministries of european member states, eu institutions and representatives of german companies. In 2008 and 2010, according to frontal21, the bnd warned the german chancellor’s office about industrial espionage by the nsa.

In response to criticism of the chancellor by the minister of economics and head of the spd, sigmar gabriel, who denied that the bnd had engaged in economic espionage, the csu is pushing back. The csu secretary general andreas scheuer called this an "embarrassing manover", erika steinbach (cdu) found this "indecent". The spd was happy to blame the union for the encroachments of the secret service, but minister steinmeier was once responsible for the control of the secret services in the chancellor’s office, when their competences after 11.

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