Boosted range extender – three drives in one

Boosted range extender - three drives in one

Hannover, 9. December 2009 – the desire for the own electric car are currently still many obstacles in the way. The vehicles are far too expensive because of the high cost of batteries for normal clients, the ranges too short and a charging infrastructure as good as not available. A pragmatic resolution of this dilemma could be to interpret electric cars as range extender. They come out with smaller batteries, are cheaper and not dependent on every corner a charging pan.

Types of the range extender

Gm wants to bring the first production vehicle of this kind to the next year with the volt. In contrast to today’s performance­branched and parallel hybrids, the volt is a serial hybrid in which the internal combustion engine serves for generating electricity. Vws concept vehicle golf twindrive, however, shows that a range extender can be technically different. In the twindrive, volkswagen brings a serial and a parallel hybrid under a hat – in addition, he is able to drive about 50 kilometers wide electrically.

Similarly – at least at first sight – a concept of greed acts, otherwise rather known as gear manufacturers. The drive can also work as a serial and parallel hybrid, two rough differences to the vw concept are obvious: the very compact design and a two-speed gearbox. The twindrive must get along with a gear and carry out an internal combustion engine in full rough.

Boosted range extender

The gaggent engineers wanted to develop a drive that allows it to take advantage of the benefits of an electric car in the near future – without having to wait for the elaborate loading infrastructure. This also applies to purely serial concepts like the volts. But in the multiple energy conversion of combustion­engine over generator to the electric motor are effective­degree­counting losses of about 15 percent, enlightened stefan hupkes, manager next generation technology at gebrn-ford transmissions in koln. The boosted range extender is supposed to run on long-range routes as parallel hybrid. He should "in all operation­be better than a conventional powertrain" and thus a serious competition for long­stretch­handy cars today.

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