Cobra refines the new c-crosser of citroen

Cobra refines the new c-crosser of citroen

Leopoldshohe, 28. November 2007 – citroen also increases with the c-crosser in the segment of compact suvs. Since autumn 2007, the frenchman is in the market. A tuning package does not last long in coming: cobra technology lifestyle offers various possibilities for a protective surgery.

Attachments with operating license

For the front there is a stainless steel front ball with 60 millimeters pipe diameter. This roofing part corresponds to the current ec guidelines for fubgang protection. The bullet is supplied with an ec operating license, a tuv acceptance and an entry into the vehicle documents are thus overflowed. The attachment allows the installation of additional non-existents offered as ready-made kit. Further, a stainless steel front element is available, which is fixed at the bottom of the serial socket and should provide for brightly ending accents.

Protection against shady

The face of the c-crosser is spanned by a stainless steel barbecue insert for the series front spray. On the sides are threshold tubes with integrated kicks relevant. Self-adhesive side protection strips are intended to protect the four treatments from shadings by shopping cart or outstanding treatments. On the roof, a weaving transverse carrier set rushes the serial roof railway to the full-fledged roof bearer.


For a crisp back side, the oval chrome tube is provided by the stainless steel sports dough steamer. This is offered for the gasoline and diesel engines of the french suvs. The footwear is the c-crosser 16- or 17-inch alloy wheels available. As an exclusive variant, cobra has two-piece 17-inch alus with 245 pneus on offer. For all components, the vereder offers a guarantee of 24 months without mileage limit. The complete tuning package is now available for 2.530 euros obvious.

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