Conti boss: electromobilitat more targeted

In the area of electromobilitat traded as a billion-dental future market, germany comes from the point of view of conti boss elmar degenhart only to the international top if the national demand is streamlined. Instead of government support according to the giebuan principle, individual companies had to be specifically equipped with the responsibility for special areas such as drive technology or infrastructure, the executive board of the car supplier from hanover in the vdi messages. The platform electromobility of the federal government is not sufficient in its current form in order to advance a competitive production for electric drives.

"We have to take tremendous tasks. All this is only possible with crosslinked approaches and narrow partnerships, "said degenhart the journal. In may 2010, with representatives from industry, science and research founded platform, the statuses are still distributed on too many shoulders. Certain partners should receive guided functions. In addition, a "steering circle" of all stakeholders coordinate the tasks in technology development better, suggested degenhart.

After the ideas of the federal government, a million electric cars on germany should role until the year 2020. Especially in the development of high-performance batteries, however, after consulting industry connoisseurs, the country lose the connection to countries such as china, japan, korea, the usa or france, which have recently launched extensive requests programs.

Members of the platform electromobilitat had an intermediate conclusion at the end of november in berlin. They memorized a "fast, closed and purposeful" action. By 2013, at least 4 billion euros will be invested. How much of it is from public funds, but is still unclear. Due to spongy formulations, the interim report also criticized, which is also the side by side of various e-mobility projects, which are demanded from different national or european estates, barely surprising.

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