Crypto-miner dovecat has it on network storage of qnap and synology

Crypto-Miner Dovecat has it on network storage of QNAP and SYNOLOGY

The malware dovecat is currently nesting on nas-advised qnap and synology and curves at the expense of computing performance of victims of cryptography. Now qnap has published information about hedge. There is no statement from synology so far.

In the official forums of qnap and synology nas owners have been reporting for months from such attacks. The malware claims so much computing power that the devices are hard to use.

Important safety tips

In a security warning, qnap tips, as owners can assert their nas and other threats. It is particularly important that always the current version with security updates of the operating system qts is installed. In addition, owners should definitely make sure to use strong admin passwords and do not use default ports (80, 443, 8080 and 8081).

In the support area you will find even more more detailed information including instructions for ensuring network storage effectively. For example, there is how to remove suspicious user accounts. These instructions are not only valid for lessons of qnap.

For a previously unknown time, the developers want to provide a tool to remove dovecat.

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