Cuddle monster of damnation

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The online comic site electric sheep by patrick s. Farley has already been reinvented by me in comics! Been featured. Now farley, whose sensitive story the guy i almost was uber das leben im internet-hype is my favorite netcomic, has embarked on what is in every way a daring project: turning the revelation of john into a flash manga pokemon rip-off.

Farley’s mini-site is called apocamon – the final judgement and impresses first with its design: goggle-eyed angels of destruction grin out of a jumble of japanese characters, animated gif backgrounds and pseudo-nintendo logos. Mortals tremble and install flash to watch the first episode of the four-part series.

Cuddle monsters of doom

Before that it is recommended to consult the apocadex, a mini database of all funny monsters of the apocalypse. God, devils, angels and other participants in the final showdown of the supernatural have been morphed here into plastilline-colored merchandising objects. Is the marketing of nintendo today as good as that of the churches in the past?? Would you buy a strange angel? A false prophet? If you manage to reformat the most horrible and confusing prophecy of the whole bible to japanimation in a multimedia way? In best airplane quartet card manner farley notes type, coarse and weight of the different apocamons. You can already see the kids swapping archangel michael cards in the schoolyard, the lamb becomes a grinning pikachu substitute. Farley doesn’t forget the credits either: "all contents copyright © 80 a.D. St. John the divine. All rights reserved." for those readers who prefer the original, there is conveniently a link to the real online bible.

Following the link to the first and so far only produced apocamon season, one quickly realizes that the project is a defensive reaction of the artist to the contemporary spring tide of religious and profane marketing, which constantly threatens to bury under itself the rationality and integrity of the individuals exposed to it. Farley seeks distance from the total demand placed on us today. They want it all: your money and your soul, but please in this order.

Cuddle monster of damnation


Farley draws and makes fun of them. He is allowed to do that, because he draws well. The flash effects are fine and justify the use of this particular medium. Gods glow, angels hover, lambs bounce. Along the way, the world ends, the redeemed choose their robes according to the coarse s, m and xl and float away on hollywood escalators to the kingdom of heaven. Grinning hillbilly assholes with beer bellies are the ones escaping annihilation: "i am going to heaven – and you’re going to suffer! Nyahaha!" for those who remain, the candy-colored, bland repertoire of apocadex awaits. Every drawing is full of satire, farley even ironizes the slick manga style he has adopted by perfecting it. God is a semi-transparent product of the link puppet software poser. The visuals: computer game 2001. In the midst of it all, a deluded dubya bush squats in the oval office and wonders what’s going on. But he had to have an intimate relationship with the end of the world – after all, he can draw a lot himself.

Religious zealots of the particularly offended kind should stay away from this site, but – as you know – they won’t do so. But even the critics of religion will quickly freeze the sarcastic bits in the data line, because the ultimately materialistic cavorting of the apocamons is not necessarily an expression of a better, more rationalistic, more enlightened world. The delirium of choice is not the prophetic frenzy, but the buying frenzy. The plagues of the apocalypse descend upon the world, farley notes the current score. Trivial is all this. But unfortunately, it fits into a time when clever marketing agencies are making big brother viewers, of all people, long for the "godly look" and questionable imams forbid their subjects the real pokemans because they look too much like totalitarian competition to them. The convergence of religion and marketing doesn’t sit well with them. Farley celebrates it with a smile.

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