Exit in the vw amarok single cab

Exit in the vw amarok single cab

Malaga (spain), 4. April 2012 – the pick-up is a strange dangerous. Although you can pack a lot of it back, but completely unwanted, which the loading height is quite limited. While you complete a combi completely, you have to spare everything firmly at the pick-up, others do not dangerous. Well, in a station wagon you can not ask a christmas tree vertically, but you rarely do that in the pick-up. The pick-up gorgeous, if you have to throw something straightforwardly on the loading float, on the construction site for example. Or you just want a pick-up because he’s already masculine – then the new vw amarok single cab is just right. Unlike the double cab, he does not even have a second row of seats, which should also. He is not a taxi, but serves a clear purpose, so or something.

No lametta

Craftsman and real guys do not need coarse alloy wheels or chrome-shaped attachments. You are interested in using: what fits on how hard it may be, what draws the way? Exactly for this clientele the amarok single cab is made and that’s what you can see. To refrain from the backstures joined unpainted black stobbars and 16-inch steel rims. The rustic look is good for the amarok and acts absolutely harm. If you want to drive it to the top, should take the easy-to-clean faux leather seats (60 euros) and the 100 degrees hinged tailgate velvet to absorb the rear stobbar (costs nothing). Further equipment lines like trendline or highline is not available at the amarok single cab, even this underlines its shirt-sleeous character.

Maximum transport

The vw amarok single cab is 5.25 meters long and has a wheelbase of 3.10 meters. Empty he weighs velvet 1906 kilograms, the total total weight amounts to 3040 kilograms. More than one ton of material can thus be transported on the 2.20 meter long loading litter. In addition, according to vw, two euro pallets can be transported in succession, then there is still 60 centimeter space backwards. Overall, the volume of the loading float is 3.57 square meters. The load width between the two wheeled box measures like the double cab 1.22 meters. With the serial six taste roses can be gross and bulky good non-slip-proof. If you take atters much on the hook, you can look forward to the maximum trailing load of three tons.

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