Exit in the vw passat variant 1.4 tsi ecofuel

Exit in the vw passat variant 1.4 tsi ecofuel

Munchen, 1. November 2011 – as for the operation with gas as a fuel, no uniform way can be recognized within the current vw offer. In the polo and the gulf, the wolfsburg factory autogas, also known as liquefied petroleum gas (lpg) are known. In the passat, however, set on natural gas. The power at first glance is not a sense, because on the market dominates autogas, which lets itself alone on the number of gas stations in germany. There is currently 900 to 6000 in favor of autogas. Nevertheless, vw has good reason to put in passat on the rarely used gas. We were with a vw passat variant 1.4 tsi ecofuel on the way.

Modern base

Under the hood of the natural gas passat, the well-known benzine direct injector works thanks to turbocharger and compressor from 1.4 liters capacity 150 hp. In this concept, there is also the reason for the decision in favor of natural gas. Autogas can only be combined with direct injectioners, mostly it is not possible at all possible. In polo and golf with lpg sits a 1.6-liter petrol engine that still works with a suction tube injection. There is only this engine there in connection with lpg. As a pure gasoline he became more modern 1.2 tsi replaced.

Bivalent design

The fuel gas gets the natural gas passat from three steel tanks under the vehicle floor, which take a total of 21 kilograms. If the consumes, helps a 31 liter gross gasoline tank. This order can not be changed in the passat. The vw is laid out bivalent, with gasoline you can still resume a decent stucco. Optically, hardly something indicates the unusual drive. Exceptions are only the two tank watches in the cockpit and, of course, the additional simple nozzle under the tank cap.

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