Karliczek: lander must “digital pact school” realize

Karliczek: Lander must'digitalpakt schule' umsetzen'digitalpakt schule' umsetzen

When implementing the "digital pakt school" like federal minister of education anja karliczek the lander in the duty. If you do not slow down the countries, the cdu politician said sunday in the zdf broadcast berlin directly. The confederation is available at the digital pact fourf billions of euros – so far, the funds are only slow.

Lander in the duty

It has been discussed for a long time to take over a task with the digital pact that actually had to fulfill the landing alone, karliczek said. "But that was the idea that we say: (…) we see this as a national task to make flat-end digitization in the schools possible." she fugged: "however, in a foderal state, it also means that in the countries the questionlives must be launched and that the implementation happens in the countries."

The digital pact was on the 17th. May 2019 entered into force. About the neutschutsch, the federal government shows the schools five billion euros for investment in digital panels (smartboards), school wlan, online learning platforms and mobile devices. Of the countries, a total of another 500 million are added. The magazine focus had reported in the middle of the month after a survey among the 16 cultural ministries of the lander that previously has been granted on the scope of around 125 million euros. Overall, claims were requested in the amount of 284 million euros.

Ilka hoffmann, school expert from the union education and science (gew), explained to the focus numbers raised: "the slow central course shows the comorators of the school policy of recent years. Due to personal lack of personnel and increased requirements, many schools lacked the time for concept development. Also, the gew study has shown the digital pact that there was too few suitable training measures for dealing with digital media in the classroom. Who wants good concepts, must give the schools time, free space and support by training."

Still in marz 2020, a survey of the digital association bitkom showed that four federal standards had not granted any means – hesse, the saarland, saxony-anhalt and schleswig-holstein – and a total of hardly any means were retrieved. And also the high of the approved claims differed with the bitkom survey considered depending on the state. By far the big sum is attributed to hamburg, where colleges of the schools were granted with a volume of 116.1 million euros. Behind this saxons (15.2 million euros), bavaria (9.0 million euros), baden-wurttemberg (3.8 million euros), thuringen (3.1 million euros), berlin (2.1 million euros) and bremen (1.5 million euros). The federal standers did not provide information on the retrieved demands.

Influence of coronavirus pandemic

"We do everything we can from our side for the infrastructure, but the implementation must happen on site", said karliczek. However, with reference to the corona crisis, the federal minister but the hope that the topic of digitization in school is opened to the foreground. "I have the impression that now through the pandemic the need and urgency has become clear in each federal state and that now just in the cultural ministries of the landing with high prere is being worked on."

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