Us and eu impose targeted sanctions on russian and ukrainian politicians

After the crimea vote: personal measures are to be used by russia to "de-escalation" urged

Eu and us ministers today reacted to yesterday’s crimean referendum by imposing sanctions, entry bans and account freezes on individual politicians and militaries. There are 21 people on the eu list and 11 on the us list. The eu envoy catherine ashton is quoted as saying that they want to make sure that the "russians realize the seriousness of the situation". She spoke of a "strongest possible signal". From the usa one hears similar pithy tones, as well as the announcement that in a next step sanctions against putin will be considered.

The american sanctions list includes vladislav surkov, putin adviser and "eminence grise" (new york times), valentina matviyenko, chairwoman of the foderation council (upper house of parliament), deputy prime minister dmitry rogozin, sergei glazyev, an okonom described as putin’s ukraine advisor, duma deputies leonid slutsky and yelena misulina, andrei klishas, who proposed a law to freeze western assets, viktor medvedchuk, head of ukrainian choice – and last but not least: sergei aksoyonov and ukrainian president viktor yanukovych. In addition, according to ria novosti, accounts of russian rustic companies are said to have been blocked.

They want to make clear, obama said in a statement to television cameras, that the actions of the past few days have consequences. The usa will not recognize the secession of crimea, nor will the international community, the us president loves to know. He announced further sanctions, depending on whether russia "for escalation or de-escalation of the situation". At the same time, it was announced that his deputy, biden, is on his way to the baltic states to meet with the heads of government of poland, estonia, lithuania and latvia.

The sanctions adopted are by far the most comprehensive against russia since the end of the cold war, government officials are quoted as saying. In addition, the next round, directed against other politicians and militaries, is already being prepared. It has been suggested that sanctions against the person of the russian president are also being considered.

The sanctions of the eu foreign ministers were reportedly carried out in agreement with the usa. Officially, the names of the 21 persons on the list were announced at a later date. The list was allowed to partially overlap with the us list. The faz mentions "eight leading politicians in crimea, ten russian politicians from the duma and the federation council, and three russian military officers: a commander of the black sea fleet and commanders for the southern and western military district in russia".

German foreign minister steinmeier also spoke of the concerns of the baltic states, which the eu must take seriously:

What russia is doing is unacceptable for the european union. This is a watershed moment, and we can’t just go back to business as usual.

According to steinmeier, it was necessary to provide opportunities for discussions ("jerk way in political processing of the conflict"), but at the same time it is announced that it is ready for the next stage of sanctions. It all depends on how the situation in the south and east of ukraine develops.

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