With alcohol to the future: “extreme bentley” debut in geneva

With alcohol to the future: 'extreme bentley' debut in geneva

Crewe (great britain), 28. January 2009 – for the geneva car salon (audience: 5. To 15. Marz) knows the traditional automatic factory with the "extreme bentley" be "fastest and strongest model" all times. Who thinks that the engineers of the precious brand in the vw group were flipped the signs of the time and the trend towards the co2-related vehicle tax, judging premises: much more likely is that the provocative ps prottz in geneva mainly on the biosprit strategy should draw attention to the british.

Strong family

Currently there is only one picture of the art top model. His front reminds greatly on the snouts of the available models continental gt and continental flying trail. Crushed compared to these models are the black killer grill and the coarse air inside on the press picture. The two basin slots also pierce on the bonnet.

Fastest four-seater coupe in the world

So far is the 205.571 euro expensive continental gt speed the top product from bentley. The zwolf cylinder of the coupe brings from its almost 6 liters capacity 612 hp and generates a torque of 750 newton meters. The power of the v12 drives the british in 4.5 seconds at tempo 100 and, if there is nothing in between, up to 326 km / h. Thus, the continental gt speed is the most fastest four-seat coupe in the world.

Bentley promises significant consumption cuts

From the extreme bentley, the well-kept clientele will probably expect similar performance. That a 2.3-tonner with 6-liter machine such as the continental gt speed with a co2 outset of 396 g / km after the planned reform of the vehicle tax from the 1. July around 912 euros a year will cost, the owners will leave loose away. Heavy the image damage weighs, if even so elegant vehicles are particularly perceived as a co2 sling.

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