No alibi

No alibi

Munchen, 29. January 2016 [-] whether it is at the current fuel prices? Or because that, what fritz indra once formulated as he said in terms of content, "in hybrid, a motor works too much", still anchored in many kops? The fact is that manufacturers do not even torn the hybrid models from their hands. One of the brands that the change wants is bmw. For example, there should be no longer a series in which not at least one model with hybrid drive is offered. But not alone an extension of the offer should provide for high sales opportunities. At the same time, bmw operates an aggressive pricing policy at the hybrid models. And how most other manufacturers also tries bmw to lure with abundant performance. A first, even short trip with a 225xe supplies a few impressions.

Also one and a half years after the start of sales, the 2er active tourer looks like a foreign body in the bmw program: a comparatively coarse-cut van with front drive, which is designed only from the price level as the other bmw models. The hybrid model adds another note, because here the electric motor is driving, and only the rear axle. For the front, the 1.5-liter three-cylinder works with 100 kw (136 hp) and 220 nm torque. The electric motor on the rear axle supplies 65 kw (88 hp) and 165 nm, which are against between 0 and 3000 / min. The system performance gives bmw with 224 hp, the maximum torque with 385 nm.

Fast to 100

Thus, above-average driving services are possible. The factories promise 6.7 seconds, the highest speed is limited to 202 km / h. A similarly strong 225i xdrive should create 237 km / h and only 6.3 seconds need in the standard sprint, which does not matter to it that the 225xe is much faster than it is generally trusted to this vehicle segment.

If you start the bmw 225xe, nothing is noticeable from the slightly harsh three-cylinder, because it starts – with the battery charged – always electrical. In auto-e mode, the van shrugs alone via the rear axle powered by the road. Only when strongly accelerating, above 125 km / h or other driving modes, the 1.5 liter coarse turbomotor switches to. This is hornar, even if the gasoline is carefully presumed – a circumstance that has already noticed us at the 216d gran tourer. The complex tuning of the two drives and the two axes ames the engine electronics without the driver’s access also in coordination with the control systems.

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