“Rock against grun”

In ulm, eight innkeepers draw attention to the smoking ban plan of the coarse parties with an unusual action

On 27. March is the election in baden-wurttemberg. On the occasion of this imminent event, eight hosts from ulm joined the action "rock against grun" together. It shall "for sun, wind and water, for colorful meadows and forests, against green pedagogy and the total smoking ban planned by the greens" stand. Because, according to the hosts, the electors were swapped by the party, which talks a lot in the media about ies such as the world climate, but "almost never about the speed limits, the tax increases, the forced renovations and of course the total smoking ban".

Such a "total ban on smoking" have however "devastating consequences for the gastronomy", such as a lack of patrons and trouble with residents, which can be observed in neighboring neu-ulm in bavaria, where such an absolute smoking ban already exists. The model currently in force in baden-wurtemberg allows pubs and clubs to set up separate smoking rooms under certain conditions, so that guests do not have to go outside to smoke. The innkeepers want to maintain this model and therefore call for not voting for the grunen in the state election.

Event flyer

Jurgen filius, the direct candidate of the grunen in ulm, admitted that his party was in favor of a smoking ban based on the bavarian model, after he was asked about the action by the augsburger allgemeine newspaper. But, according to filius, the spd and large parts of the cdu were also completely on this line. And the union’s direct candidate in ulm, the minister of social affairs, monika stolz, has made a name for herself as a staunch advocate of a "zero tolerance regulation" made. In addition, a comprehensive smoking ban that applies equally in ulm and neu-ulm would "balance between the two cities" restored.

However, the method with which the landlords want to communicate their concerns to the people of ulm seems somewhat unusual: specifically, it involves three events: "jurgen trittin’s favorite records" on 18. Marz at cabaret eden, a "claudia roth party" on 25. March at the home and a "election party of the political song" on 26 march. Marz at the olgabar. At the evening with jurgen trittin’s favorite records, which were apparently taken from his facebook profile, depeche mode, franz ferdinand and johnny cash are to be played, among others.

I wonder if this will really scare voters away from voting for the grunen? At the "claudia roth party", for which ton steine scherben and bruce springsteen imposed themselves, there was still the possibility of influencing voters with youtube videos of the politician. This was close to an idea of reinhard jellen, who demands that not only cigarette packets, but also ballot papers should be equipped with horror pictures of the possible consequences or at least with pictures of politicians.

The election party of the political song "election party of the political song". At least that’s what you can imagine when you have enough "sun instead of reagan" is played by joseph beuys. But the north german wisdom also applies in the south of the republic: "what one man’s mockingbird is another man’s nightingale". And here, too, the music entertainer(s) may not be able to resist the temptation to end the evening with works such as rocko schamoni’s "cdu" to loosen up. How many votes the three evenings of music directly cost the grunen, was therefore allowed to be rather open. However, the landlords who cannot be reached for comments are perhaps not speculating on this at all, but on a lot of media attention for the smoking ban plans of the major parties in baden-wurttemberg and higher sales on the three music evenings.

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