Apple: xcode 12.5 supported with swift 5.4 a model for secondary fatigue

Apple: Xcode 12.5 supports with Swift 5.4 a model for secondary

Apple has the new version 12.5 of his development environment published xcode and not only packed in it for mac developer. Likewise, apple wants to have fixed a vulnerability that mimited in connection with the git implementation under macos big sur 11 an arbitrary code execution.

Swift 5.4 and more support for developers

Xcode enjoys new functions from year to year, and as beta versions already suggested, the current release has a lot of innovations that go beyond pure error corrections and stability improvements. Especially the current version 5 states.4 of apple’s programming language swift scores with compiler improvements and in the context also a new model for secondary. The type checker and the car resistance should also spare unnecessary timeouts in the current release of reliable work and mac developers, as they could occur in chained prints.

Innovations at the clang compiler and build system

Under the hood, apple continued to adapt the clang compiler and expand the build system. The latter knows, for example, the new-archive flag, which allows developers and developers to exert a failed spelling for creating an xcframework from one or more archives. The lldb debugger also offers new features, here for the evaluation of expressions in stl containers and algorithms.

Lion and mountain lion: apple provides old mac-os x versions for free

Lion and Mountain Lion: Apple provides old Mac-OS X versions for free

Apple has installer for mac os x 10.7 lion and 10.8 mountain lion publishes that allow a free download and install the old operating system versions on specific macs. Both operating system versions offered the manufacturer so far still for sale at the price of 22 euros each. The product pages are currently still available in the company’s online shop.

Mac os x only since 10.9

Mac os x 10.7 can be installed on all macs that are at least with an intel processor core 2 duo, also core i3, i5 and i7 as well as xeon processors are supported as apple’s advice. To install lion or mountain lion, at least mac os x 10 must already be installed on the mac.6.6 snow leopard run – but highs lion or mountain lion. On macs, which have already been delivered with newer versions of the operating system, the venous versions can no longer be imported. The download coars are at a good 4.5 gb each.

2011 and 2012 published mac os x 10.7 and os x 10.8 were the last two versions of mac os x or macos, the apple still as paid upgrades sales, since os x 10.9 mavericks are the operating system updates for macs for free.

Continuing high needs: pc market continues to grow with lenovo at the top

Continuing high needs: PC market continues to grow with Lenovo at the top

Demand for pcs has been at a high level for more than a year. The idc market research team estimates that in the second quarter of 2021 manufacturers sold a total of around 84 million desktop computers, notebooks and workstations, as much as in the first quarter 2021. This in turn was 13.2 percent more than in early 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic has exploded the sales figures through home office and homeschooling. Also gaming pcs were and are needed.

Compared with the previous year, the numbers correspond to a sustained high growth: in the first quarter of 2020, 54 million pcs were sold worldwide. However, idc expects the demand to stabilize now, possibly with a slight racy.

Acer gets up

Lenovo returned to the highest market share of 23.9 percent over the past three months – the third quarter as a result of the company sold more than 20 million devices. The order of the funf large manufacturers worldwide remained fundamental, but acer picked up, during apple’s sales. Acer was only just behind apple – so short that idc sees both companies with a good 6 million selling in fourth place.

Ios 14.2: jit should accelerate emulators

IOS 14.2: Jit should accelerate emulators

More speed for emulators on iphones and ipads: in ios 14.2 if it is apps developers to use just-in-time compilation (jit) – even without jailbreak or wired connection to xcode. The gamecube and wii emulator dolphinios is to run in its youngest version on jailbreak-free advantages in full speed.

Jit only on newer iphones

Prerequisite, however, is newer hardware with apple’s a12, a13 or a14 processor, including iphones and ipads from year of construction 2018. The method for "fast cpu emulation (jit)" currently do not work on ages to apple’s a11, as the developers emphasize – on this hardware a jailbreak remains the prerequisite for jit compilation. But you still explore if there may be a way to reserve support for the alter hardware.

Power pits due to the lack of fast ram emulation (fastmem) is also based on new ios devices with at least 4 gb of memory, it is called by dolphinios. A good 20 games are incompatible with the hack, there it gives it according to power pits on advised without jailbreak.