No alibi

No alibi

Munchen, 29. January 2016 [-] whether it is at the current fuel prices? Or because that, what fritz indra once formulated as he said in terms of content, "in hybrid, a motor works too much", still anchored in many kops? The fact is that manufacturers do not even torn the hybrid models from their hands. One of the brands that the change wants is bmw. For example, there should be no longer a series in which not at least one model with hybrid drive is offered. But not alone an extension of the offer should provide for high sales opportunities. At the same time, bmw operates an aggressive pricing policy at the hybrid models. And how most other manufacturers also tries bmw to lure with abundant performance. A first, even short trip with a 225xe supplies a few impressions.

Also one and a half years after the start of sales, the 2er active tourer looks like a foreign body in the bmw program: a comparatively coarse-cut van with front drive, which is designed only from the price level as the other bmw models. The hybrid model adds another note, because here the electric motor is driving, and only the rear axle. For the front, the 1.5-liter three-cylinder works with 100 kw (136 hp) and 220 nm torque. The electric motor on the rear axle supplies 65 kw (88 hp) and 165 nm, which are against between 0 and 3000 / min. The system performance gives bmw with 224 hp, the maximum torque with 385 nm.

Fast to 100

Thus, above-average driving services are possible. The factories promise 6.7 seconds, the highest speed is limited to 202 km / h. A similarly strong 225i xdrive should create 237 km / h and only 6.3 seconds need in the standard sprint, which does not matter to it that the 225xe is much faster than it is generally trusted to this vehicle segment.

Electric drives: better magnetic material through fe-simulation

With the advent of electric drives, the question arises as to whether raw materials are available for the new applications. Only in april did the institute for future­techno­login and technology evaluation a study publishes, after some metals could be scarce in the long term.

For similar findings also comes a research team at the university of applied sciences st. Punch. That’s why you are looking for a research project under the direction of prof. Thomas schrefl to reduce the need for magnetic materials for electric drives. Because the materials used for high-performance duration magnets require a high proportion of rare earths, which are scarce and expensive. According to the university, an electric drive contains about two kilograms of magnetic material. The foundation currently form neodymium iron drilling magnets that have a far smaller mass compared to common magnets, but provide the same performance. In order for the magnetic properties to be obtained despite the high temperatures in an electric drive, the rare earth element is subsequently replaced by the rare earth element dysprosium.

According to the researchers, this increases the so-called coercive field of the magnet, which describes the stability of a demagnetization. According to prof. Schrefl there is a problem: the dysprosium share in the ore is less than 10 percent in the ratio to neodymium. However, the current high-performance magnets for electric drives were included a dysprosium content of up to 30 percent. This results in a raw material problem in the long term, the more electric drives prevail into cars.

Boosted range extender – three drives in one

Boosted range extender - three drives in one

Hannover, 9. December 2009 – the desire for the own electric car are currently still many obstacles in the way. The vehicles are far too expensive because of the high cost of batteries for normal clients, the ranges too short and a charging infrastructure as good as not available. A pragmatic resolution of this dilemma could be to interpret electric cars as range extender. They come out with smaller batteries, are cheaper and not dependent on every corner a charging pan.

Types of the range extender

Gm wants to bring the first production vehicle of this kind to the next year with the volt. In contrast to today’s performance­branched and parallel hybrids, the volt is a serial hybrid in which the internal combustion engine serves for generating electricity. Vws concept vehicle golf twindrive, however, shows that a range extender can be technically different. In the twindrive, volkswagen brings a serial and a parallel hybrid under a hat – in addition, he is able to drive about 50 kilometers wide electrically.

Similarly – at least at first sight – a concept of greed acts, otherwise rather known as gear manufacturers. The drive can also work as a serial and parallel hybrid, two rough differences to the vw concept are obvious: the very compact design and a two-speed gearbox. The twindrive must get along with a gear and carry out an internal combustion engine in full rough.

Cdu: restoration and transformation previews instead of badge

Cdu: restoration and transformation previews instead of badge

In the face of threatening diesel driving bans in the city, the cdu also increases the prere on the auto industry. The new general secretary annegret kramp-karrenbauer pokers, among other things, on higher exchange programs for old diesel vehicles.

Manufacturers had to deal with their own resources "challenge the transition of motorists to emission-bearer vehicles in the form of higher pramien," says it in a letter known on wednesday from kramp cartauer to function and mandate carriers of the cdu, which of the german press agency exists. Previously, that had handelsblatt report.

In the letter automakers are also prompted, "fast the agreed software roasting" implement. Also, you should bear the costs when it comes to reversal of vehicles with catalysts: where a restoration of the hardware is technically possible and for the customer the better solution, "should it be offered free of charge," it is offered.

Ifo-institut: reducing the vat has missed goal

Ifo-Institut: Reducing the VAT has missed goal

The temporary reduction in vat has barely brought a bit brought after consulting the ifo institute for the economy. Explained goal of the federal government was the burger "this to move to large acquisitions. This has not been achieved how two surveys suggest", wrote the economic researchers clemens fuest, andreas peichl and florian neumeier in a spectrum released on monday.

Hardly increased private consumption

The reduction of vat from july to december 2020 brought 6.3 billion euros to additional consumption. This corresponds to an increase in private consumer expenditure by only 0.6 percent against the previous year. The treasured tax loss amounts to 20 billion euros. "The decision not to be demanding vat reduction out of december 2020 can only be buried before this background despite the still insecure situation of the economy", stressed the economic researchers in their study.

The ifo institute had the forsa society for social research in october and november 30.000 representative bundesburger question. Most respondents said that, despite lower value added tax, they had waived consumption because the purchase was surprised and they expected higher expenses in the future. Only two percent of respondents said they had a great acquisition from july to october, to which they had renounced without vat reduction. Of those who planned at the end of the end of greater acquisitions, it gave 12 percent in october and 29 percent in november that they were waived without vat reduction.

Audi brings a silver arrow home

Audi brings a silver arrow home

Ingolstadt, 10. August 2012 – lost, lost and now again: audi has recovered a race car from the ara of silver arrows. The history of the vehicle is an adventure with a good end.

Dominance in the 1930s

The audi-ag transaction "auto union" and mercedes-benz brought in 1934 racing car to the strain, which worked like technology from the future. The streamlined silvery dessers quickly had their nicknames away: silver arrow. Mercedes built on front engines, auto union positioned the engine behind the driver – this principle has been previously enforced in formula 1. Until the outbreak of the second world war 1939, auto union and mercedes dominated the racetracks of this world with their bolides.

For auto union, bernd rosemeyer, tazio nuvolari and hans stuck put behind him, with mercedes rudolf caracciola, manfred of cunstsch and hermann long rushed into the race. The heroes of the time moved their cars without any significant safety technology in the border area, often traveled with over 300 km / h. In 1937 rosemeyer drove quickly at the berlin avus race with a silver arrow 380 km / h.

The european automotive industry is on shrink course

The sales crisis in europe has fully caught the automakers: the us group ford wants to fill his work in belgian genk with 4300 employees, the french car maker psa (peugeot, citroen) must take advantage of state aid in a billion balance for his financial daughter. With the likewise battered general motors subsidiary opel psa now wants to develop vehicles together to save costs. And also industriesprimus volkswagen can not completely escape the development: the operative profit shrinks, the paragraph in western europe brockets.

Vw controlls globally continues to record on a record rate of deliveries and sales, but the weak europe market in conjunction with investment costs in new models printed the operating result in the third quarter by around a funftel to 2.3 billion euros. This divided the group with a total of zwolf car brands on wednesday in wolfsburg. Volkswagen deserved volkswagen 11.3 billion euros (plus 59 percent) – but is a coarse part of it on the success of the sports car forge porsche to feed back. Their numbers were included in the vw balance after integration at the beginning of august.

France told psa peugeot citroen state guarantees of up to seven billion euros to ensure the future of the financial division specializing in vehicle loans. In addition, the planned cooperation with opel was concretized. Like the german carmaker, psa suffers from its dependence on the shrinking european market. In the car graft, sales in the third quarter fell by 8.5 percent, divided into two european manufacturers on wednesday after vw. The company had already begotten to delete around 8,000 jobs and shut up a work in the nearby paris. However, this stobs at resistance of trade unions and politics. Peugeot, citroen and opel want to build on four common platforms vans, middle-class cars and small cars. With the opel mother gm psa had entered an alliance at the beginning of the year. Through cooperation, two billion dollars (1.5 billion. Euro) saved. Scheduled is also a collaboration when purchasing parts.

Workshop must not use brought ol

Motorol is mostly favorable in the trade than the contract workshop. Who wants to save a few euros at the ol change, can come up with the idea of bringing his ol. But that does not necessarily work: the workshop can refuse the oil of the brought ols, as the central association german car industry (zdk) communicates. The background for this is that the workshops are obliged to carry out the olwitch according to the specifications of the automaker. If a motor damage on incorrect ol can be reduced, threatens the loss of the warranty according to the zdk. In addition, the workshop does not take any material defect for bringing ol.

However, constantin hack from the auto club europa (ace) suggests that it is available on the free market ol to open the manufacturer’s specifications and also has its release. "We advise consumers who want to bring their ol to the workshop in advance to clear whether they are ready to use it."If necessary, the workshops were then collected a service or disposal fee. "It’s otherwise calculated in the price of furs ol, with the ol brought, not," he says.

Even with closed containers, however, a certain caution is required, because the information on the olflaschen are not always clear how zdk spokesman ulrich koster says. If clearly clarifies that the ol is really released by the manufacturer, do nothing against its use. But, so koster: "the last decision must always meet the workshop."

Virtualization platform proxmox ve 6.4 rises to openzfs 2.0

Virtualization platform PROXMOX VE 6.4 rises to OpenzFS 2.0

The new proxmox ve 6.4 is based on debian gnu / linux 10.9 "bustler" with a linux kernel 5.4 (lts) or optional 5.11. Overview of webgui, the ha-maleval virtualization solution manages both virtual machines as well as linux containers.

The virtual machines provide a combination of qemu 5.2 with kvm available, with vms per "pinning" bind to certain qemu machine versions. Linux container, provided by lxc 4.0, allow improved cgroup v2 handling. Prefabricated application templates are available for alpine linux 3.13, fedora 34, ubuntu 21.04 and that from systemd released devuan 3 "beowulf".

The two ceph variants selectable during the installation and distributed proxmox clusters were added to 15.2.11 (ceph octopus, before 15.2.6) and 14.2.20 (ceph nautilus, before 14.2.15) updated. The integration of the placement group (pg) auto-scaler has been improved.

Electromobilitat: loading network growth

Electromobilitat: loading network growth

The number of highly accessible charging points for electric vehicles in germany has increased significantly at the beginning of the year. In the first three months, 1300 such electricity tanking were added, end marz was about 17.400, such as the federal association of energy and water management (bdew) on monday (8. April 2019) announced in berlin. Of these about 12 percent fast loads are. More than three quarters of the charging panels are operated according to the information provided by energy companies.

Some german coarse dates have their own expansion planes, but the desired numbers are still surprising. For the municipalities, it is often difficult to find flat for charging points, like a survey of dpa gave. In addition, the federal government should simplify the demand of electricity renewals, threw it.

According to the numbers of the federal office (kba), the stock of electric cars was only around 83 in 2018.000 vehicles. Added 341.000 hybrid cars – with a total stock of 57.3 million motor vehicles. "In view of the small number of e-cars today, today’s demand is by far covered," said bdew’s main business stefan capper for the existing charging network. In order to achieve the climate goal for the year 2030 in the transport sector, however, at least seven to ten million e-cars had to be brought to the strain.