Little asshole brings millions

The alternative publishing house eichborn goes public.

By going public, eichborn is one of the few german publishers to retain its independence from corporate groups. But even outside bertelsmann, holtzbrinck and springer, money has to be made with books.

At the end of 1999, eichborn published the black book of capitalism. Now the independent publishing house is going public. Until 5. May, one million shares – one-fifth of the total number of shares – can still be subscribed. From 9. May, the frankfurt-based "company with the bow tie" then be listed on the smax, the german stock exchange segment for high-growth medium-sized companies. The whole thing could have brought the anti-capitalism publishers up to 24 million marks – it’s more likely to be ten.

The nsu trial has already begun

The dispute over media space put munich’s higher regional court on the defensive

The nsu trial, which begins in munich on wednesday, will probably be one of the most spectacular trials in post-war german history. Also because there was a sixth defendant in addition to the five officially accused around beate zschape: the higher regional court itself, which was in charge of the proceedings. In truth, the trial began a long time ago, when the court’s press office ied the accreditation lists for the press.

Since then, a veritable criminal court has descended on the judges, as if they had to answer for all the mishaps in the investigation of the ten neo-nazi murders. Only the most recent decision of the federal prosecution court has now helped to ease the situation.

Argentina: fight for the nationalized agro group vicentin

Argentina: fight for the nationalized agro group vicentin

Screenshot from vincentin website

The government of the indebted country wants to prevent the sale of national resources, an international banking consortium wants to transfer the insolvency process to the usa

On 9. June, the argentine government announced the expropriation of the vicentin agribusiness group. The "markets" saw a general attack on private property – in the middle of corona times and in the middle of the national bankruptcy. The shares of argentine companies listed on wall street plummeted, and the country’s risk skyrocketed.

Cuddle monster of damnation

Keywords: revelation, manga, apocalypse

The online comic site electric sheep by patrick s. Farley has already been reinvented by me in comics! Been featured. Now farley, whose sensitive story the guy i almost was uber das leben im internet-hype is my favorite netcomic, has embarked on what is in every way a daring project: turning the revelation of john into a flash manga pokemon rip-off.

Farley’s mini-site is called apocamon – the final judgement and impresses first with its design: goggle-eyed angels of destruction grin out of a jumble of japanese characters, animated gif backgrounds and pseudo-nintendo logos. Mortals tremble and install flash to watch the first episode of the four-part series.

Us government relies on credit for kodak to criticism

US government relies on credit for Kodak to criticism

A planned $ 765 million heavy credit for kodak, which fails up the stock of the photo pioneer for a short time, has been laid by the us government on ice. The investment agency dfc shared on the weekend that all the premieges of misconduct around the deal had to be cleared out.

The kodak share cost only a few dollars for years – but after the qualification at the end of july that the company should get the money to produce drug components, the course rose steeply to the trademark of 60 dollars. When a few days after signing the absorptual clarification, how many conditions kodak has to fulfill for the loan, the stock went to rapid descent and recently noted at 15 dollars.

To spring?

Attention also caused events before the announcement of the credit tarpaulin. So there was already a day before a significantly more rising trade in kodak shares than usual – and the course rose strongly. Some local media had been informed in advance by kodak and published after confusion about blocking periods to early tweets and articles that were quickly becoming deleted.