“Rock against grun”

In ulm, eight innkeepers draw attention to the smoking ban plan of the coarse parties with an unusual action

On 27. March is the election in baden-wurttemberg. On the occasion of this imminent event, eight hosts from ulm joined the action "rock against grun" together. It shall "for sun, wind and water, for colorful meadows and forests, against green pedagogy and the total smoking ban planned by the greens" stand. Because, according to the hosts, the electors were swapped by the party, which talks a lot in the media about ies such as the world climate, but "almost never about the speed limits, the tax increases, the forced renovations and of course the total smoking ban".

Such a "total ban on smoking" have however "devastating consequences for the gastronomy", such as a lack of patrons and trouble with residents, which can be observed in neighboring neu-ulm in bavaria, where such an absolute smoking ban already exists. The model currently in force in baden-wurtemberg allows pubs and clubs to set up separate smoking rooms under certain conditions, so that guests do not have to go outside to smoke. The innkeepers want to maintain this model and therefore call for not voting for the grunen in the state election.

Hair-raising obstacle chases

Hair-raising obstacle chases

Second from the right is rayman

Rayman legends leaves players breathless and thrilled with imaginative worlds

The genre of side-scrollers has been fed mainly from the independent side in the last few years. There were games like super meat boy and vvvvvv, which scored with hardcore skill challenges. And there were games like limbo or the swapper, which enrich the two-dimensional platforming with exciting riddles. Not only did the 2-d sneaky game mark of the ninja get outstanding reviews, but so did the pixelated cavernous adventure spelunky, which just made the jump to ps3 and ps vita. While indie side-scrollers have flourished, grossing publishers have largely been confined to established brands like mario bros., sonic and littlebigplanet. Rayman is also an established brand – it’s been around since 1995. What is amazing, however, is that she shows no signs of age and is only partially subordinate to the mainstream. The just released rayman legends exudes a spirit that is more reminiscent of an indie production in its freshness.

A past to feel good about

On the 60th anniversary of the end of the second world war

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the end of the second world war, the discourses intersect. Different actualizations of the end of the war are confronted with a new, perhaps unbiased, but by no means "normal" how germans deal with their more recent history. The german longing to be a victim as well, a new weepiness in dealing publicly with one’s own role as a nation of humanity’s criminals, is contrasted by gotz aly’s crude thesis of the "wohlfuhl dictatorship" to. The berlin holocaust memorial will be officially inaugurated next week. A "end line" remains far away. But a new phase of german historical policy has long since begun.

On may 8, 1945. May 1945, all germans were freed – from the terror of the nazis, from the war, from concentration camps, maybe even "from evil", but above all from themselves. The germans were liberated from a germany that was morally, politically and aesthetically bankrupt. On 8. May germany perished. A germany that, in its self-image, had wanted to be a millennial empire, an empire that wanted to subjugate the world; a germany that, despite all the modern traits of its state apparatus, had understood itself as the antithesis of modernity.