Audi a8 2.8 fsi in the test: sensible beginner

Audi a8 2.8 fsi in the test: sensible beginner

Munich, 31. August 2007 – audi has been represented in the luxury class for around 20 years; the a8 has been around since 1994. The second generation of the luxury sedan is currently available. Now the ingolstadt-based company has gently lifted the face of the coarse ring carrier, tightened the chassis and steering and added a new entry-level petrol engine to the range of engines. Now the 210 hp 2.8 liter fsi engine is the fifth engine for the coarse audi. With the new entry-level driver, a8 driving is already possible from 61.900 euros possible.

Only real with 58 leds

The new basic model can be recognized from the outside by the glossy black single-frame grill. This simple nose, which all six-cylinder models get, does not look bad on the smallest of the flagships, as it looks subtle. The eight-cylinder engines have horizontal chrome strips, the ten and twelve cylinders can be recognized by double-vertical chrome letters. Square fog lamps instead of the round haze eyes are the distinguishing feature of all a8s from their predecessors. At the rear there are also new led lights for all engine versions. There are 58 of these small diodes per rear light, which are individually recognizable through the clear cover. The 2.8 has a visible exhaust pipe on the left and right. Innovations are also visible in the side view of the 5.06 meter long sedan: the exterior mirrors have been slightly modified and now have integrated indicators.

What your heart desires

The interior of the a8 is without question a feel-good landscape. The door can be opened on our test car by touching the handle. The system, which allows for that, is called advanced key and is available at an additional cost of 1180 euros. The seats are more comfortable armchairs that offer enough lateral support and are made for long distances. Our gaze wanders over the well-equipped cockpit: nothing is missing here that makes driving more pleasant. The new model year brings new colors and materials, if you like, you can now order, for example, medium brown, semi-gloss walnut burl wood. The moldings not only look good, they also give the interior a warm atmosphere, as in our test car. Bang takes care of that too olufsen advanced sound system that delivers surround sound from 14 speakers. Two so-called acoustic lenses automatically slide upwards from the corners of the dashboard – this is also a treat for the eyes.

Audi a3 e-tron: study with electric drive presented

Audi a3 e-tron: study with electric drive presented

Ingolstadt, 12. April 2011 – audi has presented a new electric car study based on an a3 sportback. Possible series solutions are to be shown with the compact electric vehicle. A synchronous motor takes over the drive in the a3 e-tron.

Up to 100 kw

The water-cooled e-machine weighs 65 kilograms and has a continuous output of 60 kw. For a short time, for example to overtake, a maximum of 100 kw is available. The maximum torque is 270 nm. The power is transmitted to the front wheels by a single-stage gearbox.

Battery takes up little space

The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 26.5 kwh and weighs 300 kilograms. The tension amounts to 380 volts. The battery is housed in several blocks under the pack space floor, under the back seat and in the middle tunnel. This division ensures that the loading floor is only about three centimeters high than the production model of the a3 sportback quattro. The posing room of the study summarizes 265 liters, in the series model with front drive there are 350 liters.

Exit in the vw amarok single cab

Exit in the vw amarok single cab

Malaga (spain), 4. April 2012 – the pick-up is a strange dangerous. Although you can pack a lot of it back, but completely unwanted, which the loading height is quite limited. While you complete a combi completely, you have to spare everything firmly at the pick-up, others do not dangerous. Well, in a station wagon you can not ask a christmas tree vertically, but you rarely do that in the pick-up. The pick-up gorgeous, if you have to throw something straightforwardly on the loading float, on the construction site for example. Or you just want a pick-up because he’s already masculine – then the new vw amarok single cab is just right. Unlike the double cab, he does not even have a second row of seats, which should also. He is not a taxi, but serves a clear purpose, so or something.

No lametta

Craftsman and real guys do not need coarse alloy wheels or chrome-shaped attachments. You are interested in using: what fits on how hard it may be, what draws the way? Exactly for this clientele the amarok single cab is made and that’s what you can see. To refrain from the backstures joined unpainted black stobbars and 16-inch steel rims. The rustic look is good for the amarok and acts absolutely harm. If you want to drive it to the top, should take the easy-to-clean faux leather seats (60 euros) and the 100 degrees hinged tailgate velvet to absorb the rear stobbar (costs nothing). Further equipment lines like trendline or highline is not available at the amarok single cab, even this underlines its shirt-sleeous character.

Maximum transport

The vw amarok single cab is 5.25 meters long and has a wheelbase of 3.10 meters. Empty he weighs velvet 1906 kilograms, the total total weight amounts to 3040 kilograms. More than one ton of material can thus be transported on the 2.20 meter long loading litter. In addition, according to vw, two euro pallets can be transported in succession, then there is still 60 centimeter space backwards. Overall, the volume of the loading float is 3.57 square meters. The load width between the two wheeled box measures like the double cab 1.22 meters. With the serial six taste roses can be gross and bulky good non-slip-proof. If you take atters much on the hook, you can look forward to the maximum trailing load of three tons.

Exit in the vw passat variant 1.4 tsi ecofuel

Exit in the vw passat variant 1.4 tsi ecofuel

Munchen, 1. November 2011 – as for the operation with gas as a fuel, no uniform way can be recognized within the current vw offer. In the polo and the gulf, the wolfsburg factory autogas, also known as liquefied petroleum gas (lpg) are known. In the passat, however, set on natural gas. The power at first glance is not a sense, because on the market dominates autogas, which lets itself alone on the number of gas stations in germany. There is currently 900 to 6000 in favor of autogas. Nevertheless, vw has good reason to put in passat on the rarely used gas. We were with a vw passat variant 1.4 tsi ecofuel on the way.

Modern base

Under the hood of the natural gas passat, the well-known benzine direct injector works thanks to turbocharger and compressor from 1.4 liters capacity 150 hp. In this concept, there is also the reason for the decision in favor of natural gas. Autogas can only be combined with direct injectioners, mostly it is not possible at all possible. In polo and golf with lpg sits a 1.6-liter petrol engine that still works with a suction tube injection. There is only this engine there in connection with lpg. As a pure gasoline he became more modern 1.2 tsi replaced.

Bivalent design

The fuel gas gets the natural gas passat from three steel tanks under the vehicle floor, which take a total of 21 kilograms. If the consumes, helps a 31 liter gross gasoline tank. This order can not be changed in the passat. The vw is laid out bivalent, with gasoline you can still resume a decent stucco. Optically, hardly something indicates the unusual drive. Exceptions are only the two tank watches in the cockpit and, of course, the additional simple nozzle under the tank cap.

Feeling by seeing

The perception of one’s own body can be manipulated in such a way that the visual system can also evoke the feeling of touch

The image that a person has of his body includes much more than the look in the mirror reveals. The sensation of being tickled, for example, is completely different depending on whether another person touches the sole of the foot or one’s own finger. Even when we are not looking, the brain recognizes the difference and processes the signals coming in from the touch nerves differently. Evolutionarily, this makes sense: only in this way can an awareness of one’s own physical integrity develop, which is important for survival.

But of course, the brain is wired for normalcy, not for the curiosity of neurologists. The mechanisms involved, researchers have known for a while, can be used for some amazing experiments, such as out-of-body experiences (see art pieces with amputated limbs). But they are also responsible for unpleasant phenomena like phantom pains. Researchers still do not know exactly all the pathways that determine the body image and help in its evaluation and modification. The problem is absolutely relevant medically, because the progress in the construction of artificial limbs is rapid. It would be all the more important to be able to help patients integrate the replacement parts into their body image.

No drugs – no execution!

The u.S. Is desperately searching for a substitute for the first of the three lethal injection drugs. If they do not find it, the death machine will have to be stopped

The usa has a problem. Ok, the usa has many problems, but rarely do they have positive effects. This one already: the u.S. Is running out of poison for its death chambers after illinois-based hospira took the only anesthetic approved for that purpose, thiopental, off the u.S. Market. Therefore, in most states, executions must be suspended for the time being. At least until a substitute is found. A narcotic nembutal pentobarbitone sodium (pentobarbital) from the lundbeck company, based in denmark, is currently being discussed for this purpose; the preparation has already been used in three executions.

Human rights organizations are calling for international protests against lundbeck to stop the company’s misuse of its drug in death chambers in the u.S. U. A. The german network against the death penalty initiated the petition no lundbeck preparations for executions in the usa, which offers a possibility to address the protest against the business with murder on behalf of the state directly to the company, or rather its subsidiary in hamburg. Its headquarters in hamburg. The signatures are to be collected on. December, human rights day, in hamburg-harburg.

Player graphics card: lenovo confirmed geforce rtx 3060 with 12 gb of memory

Player graphics card: Lenovo confirmed GeForce RTX 3060 with 12 GB of memory

Lenovo has hired the data sheet of the coming complete system legion r5 28imb05 online. The pc manufacturer confirms the existence of other medium-class graphics cards from nvidias current ampere family: geforce rtx 3050, geforce rtx 3050 ti and geforce rtx 3060.

The latter model should also appear in response to amds radeon series rx 6700 with 12 gb graphics memory with 12 gb gddr6-ram on 192 data lines – the quantity also indicates lenovo in the data sheet. The geforce rtx 3060 thus had more graphics memory than the coarse sisters rtx 3060 ti, rtx 3070 and rtx 3080.

This is uneven, but not the first case of this kind: the gtx 780 and gtx 770 approximately existed as new editions with 6 and 4 gb of ram, the gtx 780 ti, however, only with 3 gb. The broken cheese spoke for a long time of new versions of rtx 3080 and rtx 3070 with 20 or 16 gb of memory, but should have painted nvidia. A geforce rtx 3080 ti with 20 gb should appear beginning 2021.

* * instead of russia sloppy on twitter throttling

* * instead of Russia sloppy on Twitter throttling

At the throttling of twitter in the russian internet, a lot goes wrong on wednesday, even through precipitated mistakes in the telecommunications inspection roskomnadsor. So the author had a throttling of twitter’s domain "t.Co" arranged, but all the domains caught with exactly this string, report several observers.

Among other things, microsof was affectedt.Com, reddit.Com, the popular sports page championat.Com and even the state russian international station rt.Com. Only on thursday that was fixed, reported arstechnica, meanwhile only t.Co throttled.

Lots of collateral damage

Background of the arranged throttling is the allegation, twitter did not succeed even after repeated prompts thousands of lawless contributions. That’s why the service was throttled, the state supervisory heritage roskomnadsor had explained on wednesday. It had garnish, twitter was throttled on all mobile devices and on half of all other devices. Father had still clarified roskomnadsor that the throttling should relate to photos and videos, tweets themselves were not affected. The affected domain t.Co is belonging to twitter’s url short service, all links split on the platform are packed in it.

Git 2.27 neighances back: age transport protocol is standard again

Git 2.27 is backdropping: age transport protocol is standard again

The version management system git is in version 2.27 appeared and brings and brings some coquent innovations with consequences to the exhibition compatibility and a return to the previous transport protocol, which only in the transaction version 2.26 by transport protocol 2 was replaced as standard.

Backgrupation to the old transport protocol

According to release notes, the new default setting is again the process log, which until git 2.25 served as standard. Version 2 of the transport protocol presented the git team in may 2018 and in version 2.18 introduced. Apparently, the new protocol did not ran around yet, the git team has probably decided for the jerk classification.


From this version of git, the git describe command automatically outputs the long version of the code, where developers had to specify explicitly –long so far. If git describe c detects that a signed or commented day refers to the commit c and thereby eliminates the tag name t in the object, the command should now output t as an answer. This is the case, according to release notes, if developers rename the appropriate day or move from the original position in the refs / tags / hierarchy: git describe c should then continue to output t.

Audi q5 custom concept

Audi q5 custom concept

Reifnitz (austria), 19. May 2009 – every year, the gti meeting takes place at worthersee, where many audi fans from all over europe take place. The brand with the four rings uses the assembly of faithful brand lovers and present a variety of highlights on a stand on the budufer. The focus is on the refined audi q5 custom concept.

Enamed ex works

Special for the event at worthersee audi engineers have set the particularly sporting q5 custom concept to the 21-inch raders. The test carrier for audi original accessories is painted in the special color daytonagrau matt matt. Inside like aub, a special "workersee 09" decoration is added. The gauge is compared to the standard model by 90 mm wide, the body is 60 mm deeper. The three-liter tfsi-v6 under the hood was brought to 408 hp and leave the q5 in 4.4 seconds on tempo 100 sprint. The highest speed is sealed at 250 km / h.

Further eye-catcher at the stand

The appearance of audi am see is under the sign of the 100th anniversary of the brand. In addition to traditional models from different decades, the new tt rs, the r8 5.2 fsi quattro and the study a1 sportback concept to admire. In addition, the starting signal for an online ideas competition is given to accessories called "audi customizing club".