The upturned i8

The upturned i8

Hamburg, 14. April 2016 – heidewitzka, is the off! Whoever accelerates the bmw 225xe made of narrow curves or at the traffic light, experiences the strong of an electrically supported four-wheel drive. Front works with petrol operated three-cylinder turbomotor with 100 kw (136 hp) power. At the back, an electric machine adds another 65 kw (88 hp). The system performance indicates bmw with 165 kw (224 hp); the maximum torque is 385 nm. What makes the 225xe interesting is the direct derivation of its powertrain from the bmw i8. Only that at the plug-in hybrid in the body of the family-owned active tourer, everything is rotated 180 degrees when looking from above.

From 38.700 euros bmw sells a stucco of the preliminary assistant. For comparison: the most promoting active tourer 216i costs at least 26.100 euros. The 225i xdrive ejected with a conventional mechanical four-wheel drive starts at 40.200 euros. The actual charm of the 225xe we driven is his plug-in hybrid concept. It is curious, it is interesting – and once again proves that the combination of combustion and electric motor combines not only the pre-, but also the disadvantages of both drive techniques.

Braking weight

Thus, the immediate trailing experience shows that worth 6.7 seconds (factory information) are overhated by a permanent feeling of the remedy. The eye-weight view confirms this impression: 1.735 kilograms are much for a car that competes in the format with the volkswagen golf sportsvan, and there are more than 150 kg more than in 225i xdrive and 340 kg more than in 216i. The bmw 225xe is through and through a bmw, the steering is excellent and precise, and yet the ballast slows down the driving joy in each curve.

Bluetdi: clean man for america

Bluetdi: clean man for america

Wolfsburg, 28. April 2008 – volkswagen wants to make the diesel engine more attractive for the american market. The rising fuel prices, which are always more painful in the us, could help. Although there was a few years ago, whether in the strict emission standards and the poor availability of high-quality diesel in the usa the self-cord has all the opportunities. But as well as the colleagues of daimler, the engineers of the volkswagen group did not have to diade their optimism.

New opportunities for the diesel

You can argue about whether the diesel engine is competitive with its disadvantages in nitrogen oxide and rubem emissions. But as undeniable are currently its advantages in consumption, and that can also convince the americans in your need. And that there are interesting solutions for the principle diesel disadvantages, according to the youngest reie of the new diesel engine family of mercedes-benz now also volkswagen:

At the international vienna motor symposium on 24. And 25. April 2008 vw introduced the series version of bluetdi – a new generation turbodiesel developed for north america. The common rail motor is based on the high-tech tdi in 2007 in europe with the tiguan high-tech tdi with 2.0 liters of displacement, which is already filling in the autumn of 2009 euro 5 standard. For the even more difficult conditions of use in the us, volkswagen has further developed the four-cylinder engine with internal motor macers and supplements it by a nox storage catalyst.

Rumors, ominous figures and coincidence?

A clip of a denunciatory film about the prophet’s life posted on youtube is said to be responsible for deadly riots at the u.S. Embassies in cairo and benghazi

The film clip on youtube cited as the cause of riots in front of the u.S. Embassy in cairo and the u.S. Consulate in benghazi (where the u.S. Ambassador to libya and three american diplomats were killed), after the first scenes that still preserve the hope of a possibly successful satire, very soon becomes unbearably bad, flat, cheap and vicious in its crude simplicity.

The film clip begins with scenes just before and during a riot of raging muslims. The scene as well as the characters portrayed, perpetrators, victims and security forces, are stereotypes familiar from countless television and film portrayals. In their exaggeration, they initially leave open the possibility of wit and esprit to challenge the simple theatricality and speech bubble dialogues to another level. The fact that cliches of violent zealots do provide useful material for satire, always with the artifice of very striking dialogues, is demonstrated, for example, by the british director chris morris in his film four lions.

Point form should come into force in 2014

In "audience" wants federal traffic minister peter ramsauer (csu) convert the flensburg file, which so far "traffic central registers" is called. Because the point system for clares at the tax is intended to bring random drivers stronger to reason – and at the same time becoming easier. After months of discussions, the reform should now still get the curve before the general election. In the bundestag she was passed on thursday night, now follows the federal council. Stay some concerns.

How many points is still still available?

When ramsauer presented first outlines at the beginning of last year, the motorist club adac spoke of a "revolution in flensburg". Meanwhile, some amendments have been changed, after thousands of burger had reported in an internet forum. The current scale of 1 to 7 points is therefore not as much simplified as planned. Instead of two, there is art to give three categories: depending on the severity of the breath so 1, 2 or 3 points. The driver’s license should be away from 8 points, which threatens now at 18 points. However, the ministry experts expect only a "marginal increase" of the withdrawals. So far, it is always about 5000 a year at scatzt 54 million fuhrerschein-holders.

What happens to the stored points?

An amnesty should not give it, the 47 million existing points are translated in principle. Because artificially only offenses are stored, which are security-relevant, many car driver account was allowed to empty. Of the good nine million burgers with entry in flensburg, about one million could disappear completely from the file. To be eliminated, for example, the one point furs is driving into the environmental zones of coarse dates without prescribed plaque. But it costs 80 instead of 40 euros instead of so far. Even with others, the combination of points and pubes should be redesigned.

Social media: significantly less false information to trumps twitter lock

Social media: Significantly less false information to Trumps Twitter lock

The spread of false information in the social media on the us prassidal election of november of last year is dramatically accumulated after twitter and other platforms have blocked the accounts of the unemployed prassident trump. The number of discussions on alleged electoral false broke in several channels as soon as trump was no longer active there. This has revealed an investigation of the research company zignal labs from san francisco.

Trump’s accounts as a source of false information

As it is in a report of the washington post homes, zignal labs has several social media in the period of 9. Until the 15th. January 2021 examines how often wrong information about the us choice of choice has been shared or discussed. The relevant rules fell by 73 percent, they went from about 2.5 million to 688.000 back. Which social media has studied zignal labs is from the report of washington post not.

Twitter had already begun to provide misleading tweets from donald trump with warnings: for example, that a write-off is uncertain and fraud.

Biontech: foxconn and tsmc buy 10 million vaccases for taiwan

BIONTECH: Foxconn and TSMC buy 10 million vaccases for Taiwan

The hardware manufacturers hon hai (foxconn) and taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company (tsmc) support the taiwan government in the procurement of vaccines against the coronavirus. Together with an aid organization of foxconn-grunder terry gou, companies completed a delivery contract for 10 million doses of the mrna vaccine produced by pfizer shanghai fosun pharmaceutical, biontech on monday with the chinese distributor shanghai fosun.

The vaccine will donate the taiwanese agent for the state vaccination program, it is in the message. The converted around 300 million euros for 10 million doses biontech pay the companies to half. "Biontech is pleased, also the people in taiwan with vaccines manufactured in the european union can be supplied", explained biontech ceo ugur sahin.

Meeting with prasidentin tsai

The bosses of foxconn and tsmc had offered the taiwan government to help with their contacts in the procurement of other doses. During taipei first turned, taipei gave the resistance in the face of growing domestic prere. At a meeting with prasidentin tsai ing-wen in june gou and tsmc boss mark liu grunes licht. After the conclusion of the contract is expected with first deliveries in september.

American wechat users sue donald trump

American Wechat users sue Donald Trump

At the beginning of august, donald trump has made a ban on chinese apps tiktok and wechat, which is to be effective in mid-september. Wechat has a billion user worldwide, of which about 19 million in the usa. Some do not want to accept the ban and have the u.S. Wechat users alliance (uswua) launched. This organization expressly serves the purpose of complaining against the frosting of the prasident. Since friday the first action is attached.

The action requires to explain the fraction of the prasident for unlawful and ineffective. With the prohibition, the prasident has exceeded its skills, since in the striking laws, a general ban on communication services is not permitted. In addition, the frosting was considered vague.

Action refers to numerous defects

In addition, the prasident did not comply with the necessary procedural steps. The same applies to a greater decree, with which the prasident called a tkk emergency. However, the date-called emergency is exexerable basis of the current fraction. Even if the early fruits should be in force, that does not help because they did not win. Trump had to exclaim another emergency.

Uncomemic communicative – panasonic dmc-fx90

Uncomemic communicative - Panasonic DMC-FX90

On clicking printing images can be transferred to the smartphone or the internet wirelessly.

Panasonic promises versatility thanks to integrated wlan interface to load pictures and videos directly on site using smartphone or a wlan router wirelessly to the internet – and the "completely uncomplicated". How comfortable the network access actually works, we have studied in a practical test.

As a link for access to social networks or picture galleries, panasonic has set up a web service set up the lumix club. The camera itself offers four modes for communication: smartphone, web sevice, av device and pc