Alarming fraunhofer test: many home routers uncertain

Alarming Fraunhofer Test: Many home routers uncertain

The security of home routers has made little progress in recent years. Remove up-to-earth safety updates for their equipment, which leads to the fact that many routers have weaknesses that have been known for a long time. Also suffering problems with preset manufacturer’s passwords, which are uncertain and often do not otherwise, relate to many devices. In an automated test of 127 firmware images of various routers from seven manufacturers, security researchers of the fraunhofer institute for communication, information processing and ergonomics (fkie) found one or other problem in each of the images tested.

127 routers of seven manufacturers, huawei dear

Rates of the manufacturer asus, avm, d-link, linksys, netgear, tp-link and zyxel were tested. All tested devices were actively advertised by the manufacturers at the time of the tests, so can be considered as new enough to actively support updates. The avm routers cut at the text with a distance, asus and netgear also have a few praising words of the tester. The most critical views see the fraunhofer researchers of d-link, linksys, tp-link and zyxel. Geratas of huawei were not tested because the manufacturer does not provide his firmware – whether one would have a device with such intransparent update policies with themselves at home, let go.

Not all the results of the researchers can be transferred directly to the devices really in use in the market. That’s because many gates standing at home customers of internet providers are provided by the provider with their own branding, and some of them have their own firmware versions in use. These are usually not exactly with the firmware that provides the relevant manufacturer for the basic apparatus on his website.

Austria sues over bnd spying

"Full disclosure" austrian interior minister demands full clarification on whether bnd aided nsa in industrial espionage

Things are getting nasty for the german government. Now the austrian public prosecutor’s office has filed a complaint against unknown persons, because the bnd as an aide of the nsa has spied not only on france, but possibly also on austria to the detriment of the country.

Minister of the interior johanna mikl-leitner (ovp) explained that the complaint was filed already on tuesday. "We demand full clarification", said the minister. The suspicion exists that the bnd could have helped the american secret service nsa to spy on politicians and companies.

Joint municipality: 25 years of bmw twelve-cylinder

Joint municipality: 25 years of bmw twelve-cylinder

Munich, 12. November 2012 – history is best remembered. This also applies to cars: i still remember when bmw presented the new 7 series in 1986. What a design! The classy limousine looked much lighter than the mercedes s-class, which is in the "daily news" held with helmut kohl at the bonn chancellery. But at this point in time, the bmw developers were still keeping their biggest trump card a secret. A huge engine with the short m70.

Hello stuttgart

And so the rumors got wild: allegedly, the engineers at the admissions authorities had tried not to have to disclose the performance of the mega-unit in figures. Bmw preferred to do that itself in february 1987. 300 hp from a five-liter displacement. Sure, that’s how strong the mercedes 560 se was, but only without a catalytic converter and with eight cylinders. Because the bmw 750i was the first series production twelve-cylinder from a german manufacturer after the war. Visually, the car was restrained with a coarsened kidney grille and modified tailpipes. No v12 emblem sported the dozen of cylinders above the front axle. The two-digit number just seemed to be for itself, especially in view of the environment at the time. Sure, jaguar had a zwolfender, but then it got a lot more exotic with ferrari or lamborghini. Complete. There was nothing more. Yawning emptiness. Not under the hood of the bmw 750i, of course: the compact unit of engine, transmission and front axle attracted visitors to the 1987 geneva motor show in droves. The sellers recorded over 3000 pre-orders.

Long forward

25 years later, karlheinz lange, former head of bmw engine development, chats out of the box. The subject of twelve cylinders has been dealt with since 1972. But the two six-cylinder units that were joined together under the project name m33 had a drawback: at 315 kilograms, the result was too heavy, because the starting point was made of gray cast iron. After all, the other key data were already correct: five-liter displacement, injection and 300 hp. Starting in 1977, attempt number two made use of the newer, smaller six-cylinders with the code m20. Under the name m66, a v12 was created with a cylinder angle of 60 degrees and displacement levels of 3.6 and 4.5 liters. The latter made 275 hp on the test stand and also weighed only 275 kilograms. But now the headwind came from world politics: the second oil crisis caused fuel prices to rise from 1979, and the bmw developers were slowed down by marketing. They didn’t want to bring the wrong model again at the wrong time like the thirsty 2002 turbo in 1973.

Japanese researchers want to send 2023 satellite from wood to all

Japanese researchers want to send 2023 satellite from wood to all

For satellites that can choose without harmful jerks in the atmosphere, japanese researchers are now putting on wood. Together with the wood company sumitomo forestry, scientists of the universitat kyoto want to develop the first wooden satellite, which should start 2023. That reports nikkei asia.

The satellite should not only bring in re-entry into the atmosphere not only to leave without polluting rucks, but also allow simpler structures. Because since the natural product blocks neither electromagnetic waves nor the earth magnetic field, technical rates such as antennas could be relocated to the interior.

With wood against air pollution

According to the report, the researchers want to find out the valid processing for wood. It is all about resistance to the coarse temperature differences and the strong sunlight, they explained the bbc. Which wood is used is a trade secret. Sumitomo forestry has more than 400 years of experience in dealing with the material.

Attack target syria?

Syria threatens to retaliate against a renewed attack "with "all means at its disposal"

After the israeli airstrike on an alleged palestinian training camp, only 15 kilometers from damascus, the syrian government appeared rather calm and appeasing. The attack was seen as an act of provocation. The "the "training camp" had already been closed more than 6 years ago and was then used as a resting place for tourists. A fact that could not have escaped the attention of the otherwise well-informed israeli secret service. "Sharon wants to drive syria and the whole region to war," said syrian president bashar assad. On wednesday, the u.S. House of representatives voted in favor of sanctions against syria. Yesterday, the syrian chief of general staff hassan turkmani called for vigilance against a new attack.At the summit of the islamic conference, assad accused israel of expanding the "war against "war against islam" at the summit of the islamic conference. Syria does not like to be impressed by israel’s military power. Nevertheless, syria did not seek confrontation in the un security council, but, like all other states, voted in favor of the un resolution introduced by the u.S. Government.

At first, however, syria took a cautious approach. It was not until a week after the airstrike that the syrian ministry of foreign affairs reacted. At a press conference in damascus, bushra kanafani, the ministry’s spokeswoman, said, "syria will exercise its legitimate right to respond with all available means if the aggression is repeated."