Galactic pirate transmitter discovered?

Seven-hour radio emission recorded from galaxy’s center – cause unknown

Astronomers have discovered an unusual, very energetic burst in the range of radio waves, whose origin is probably near the center of the milky way.

In the scientific journal nature, scott d. Hyman of sweet briar college in virginia and colleagues at other institutes in the u.S. Of the discovery of the object, designated gcrt j1745-3009. The signature of this energetic radio source is extraordinary and scientists are convinced that it is either a previously unknown form, i.E. A new class of cosmic object, or a previously unknown type of activity of an object of a known class. In any case about something completely new.

Conti boss: electromobilitat more targeted

In the area of electromobilitat traded as a billion-dental future market, germany comes from the point of view of conti boss elmar degenhart only to the international top if the national demand is streamlined. Instead of government support according to the giebuan principle, individual companies had to be specifically equipped with the responsibility for special areas such as drive technology or infrastructure, the executive board of the car supplier from hanover in the vdi messages. The platform electromobility of the federal government is not sufficient in its current form in order to advance a competitive production for electric drives.

"We have to take tremendous tasks. All this is only possible with crosslinked approaches and narrow partnerships, "said degenhart the journal. In may 2010, with representatives from industry, science and research founded platform, the statuses are still distributed on too many shoulders. Certain partners should receive guided functions. In addition, a "steering circle" of all stakeholders coordinate the tasks in technology development better, suggested degenhart.

After the ideas of the federal government, a million electric cars on germany should role until the year 2020. Especially in the development of high-performance batteries, however, after consulting industry connoisseurs, the country lose the connection to countries such as china, japan, korea, the usa or france, which have recently launched extensive requests programs.

Weightless research

The international space station iss is approaching its utilization phase

When on 31. October a soyuz capsule carried the three astronauts yuri gidzenko, sergei krikalev and william shepherd from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan to the international space station, a new phase in the history of the space base began: from now on there will be people here all the time, initially three, later six to seven (new space age). In addition to construction work, scientific research tasks will increasingly become the focus of their activities.

Weightless research

Initially, they will still be primarily concerned with the further expansion of the station. At the end of november, for example, an american space shuttle will bring a support structure, solar cell modules and heaters that have to be assembled. But gradually, in addition to the construction work, scientific research tasks will increasingly become the focus of their activities. At the latest when in january the american "destiny"-laboratory module docks and is equipped with experimental equipment a month later, the orbiting research laboratory can begin operations.

The sleeper in the data haystack

Consumer data to be refined into terrorist profile

When was the last time you ordered a kalashnikov over the internet?? Maybe even downloaded the instructions for building a nuclear bomb to the hard drive? Or suspiciously many men’s shirts in camouflage colors bought with credit card? The curse of the evil deed could take revenge at a time when the shrouded world continues to demand from the u.S. Government success messages about terrorists collected worldwide. In anticipatory obedience, various us companies are now considering making their valuable customer information available to the state. It is to be evaluated whether a person owns a house or a car, or whether he subscribes to certain glossy magazines. The hunt for the wicked is thus becoming more inquisitorial. But what do such data say about the true terror suitability of fellow citizens?? The less noise usama bin ladin makes according to president bush’s latest findings, the more suspicious the sleepers snoring away in western metropolises now become.

Martin e. Abrams of the "center for information policy leadership" of the "law factory" hunton williams in atlanta is currently pondering what the information must look like in order to sniff out the profile of a veritable boss behind credit card transactions, public and private marketing data. Self-styled private cuddling center plans to hold initial consulting talks with 17 companies. Representatives of credit card companies such as american express, visa and investment companies should participate in this search project, which has been screened out on all sides. Ibm and the internet service provider earthlink are still deciding whether they want to meet with this illustrious group of data truffle seekers.

Cobra refines the new c-crosser of citroen

Cobra refines the new c-crosser of citroen

Leopoldshohe, 28. November 2007 – citroen also increases with the c-crosser in the segment of compact suvs. Since autumn 2007, the frenchman is in the market. A tuning package does not last long in coming: cobra technology lifestyle offers various possibilities for a protective surgery.

Attachments with operating license

For the front there is a stainless steel front ball with 60 millimeters pipe diameter. This roofing part corresponds to the current ec guidelines for fubgang protection. The bullet is supplied with an ec operating license, a tuv acceptance and an entry into the vehicle documents are thus overflowed. The attachment allows the installation of additional non-existents offered as ready-made kit. Further, a stainless steel front element is available, which is fixed at the bottom of the serial socket and should provide for brightly ending accents.

Protection against shady

The face of the c-crosser is spanned by a stainless steel barbecue insert for the series front spray. On the sides are threshold tubes with integrated kicks relevant. Self-adhesive side protection strips are intended to protect the four treatments from shadings by shopping cart or outstanding treatments. On the roof, a weaving transverse carrier set rushes the serial roof railway to the full-fledged roof bearer.

Drm cannot be enforced by technology alone

Why copyright law may have to protect customers’ rights against the technical barriers of digital rights management

Digital rights management (drm) cannot work through technology alone, so it must be backed up by legislation. This combination, critics say, threatens scientific freedom and hollows out copyright law. A symposium at the humboldt university in berlin tried to clarify whether there are alternatives.

Most of the participants agreed: drm cannot be enforced with technology alone. As with any security concept, matthias bauer from the university of erlangen-nurnberg explains, it is important to be clear what kind of attacks the system needs to be secured against in the first place. With drm, the mathematician says, the customer is seen as the aggressor. However, he has both the data to be protected and the device on which the data is stored, namely the pc. This combination makes it extremely difficult to use drm successfully.

Overhaul: zoom invested in machine learning

Overhaul: Zoom invested in Machine Learning

Zoom is on the growth course: kite-friendly the german startup kites gmbh to the videoconferencing provider. Thus zoom wants to secure expertise in the field of machine translations.

The takeover of the start-up company has zoom at yesterday’s monday, 29. June 2020, announced on his own blog. The two-headed team from germany specializes in methods with which natural and spontaneous language with artificial intelligence can be processed automatically. Kites is one of the karlsruhe institute for technology (kit) based in the city.

Revise language barriers

According to the press release, zoom wants to maintain this site – and work together with developers from their own house at a multilingual translation tool. The aim is to degrade language barriers and to make seamless speechous interaction to a reality of the day’s life. In terms of zoom meetings, the spoken word could be translated live in the future.

Hyundai’s fuel cell study fcev ii

Hyundai's fuel cell study fcev ii

Wow. Hyundai’s fe fuel cell concept is a multiple provocation: the fuel cell suv looks better than the toyota mirai. In terms of highway capability, it will rival the battery-electric audi e-tron. And in basic form, the new hyundai is aimed directly at mercedes, where glc f-cell and eq remain in announcement status. The hydrogen car from south korea will launch in 2018, says development manager woong chul yang. And the manufacturer is known for consistently delivering on promises.

What is at stake? Hyundai has become a full-line electric mobility provider. The ioniq is available as a gasoline hybrid, a battery-only car and, in a few weeks, as a plug-in hybrid. The hydrogen-powered ix35 fcev fuel cell suv has also been in production since 2013. More vehicles with this drive system have been sold in europe than all other manufacturers put together, explains woong chul yang, which in absolute terms is probably a figure in the triple digits.

800 kilometer range, three minutes refueling time

Fuel cell vehicles produce the electricity for the electric motor on board. The practical advantage is the short refueling time for hydrogen of about three minutes. After that, the range is similar to that of a car with an internal combustion engine. Hyundai promises 800 kilometers, but does not disclose in which measurement cycle. In our test, the predecessor model achieved 430 to 540 kilometers, depending on driving style.

Deutsche telekom and skt want to focus joint venture for 5g technology

Deutsche Telekom and SKT want to focus joint venture for 5G technology

Deutsche telekom and the sudkorean company sk telecom (skt) have concluded an agreement to build a joint venture for the development of 5g techniques. As the two companies announced on monday, 5g repeaters for the in-house supply should be further developed. 5g repeaters are currently a marketplace, because there are hardly any manufacturers in this area.

Both companies are intended to hold the closed agreement in line with 50 percent of the company. If the new company is then to be directed by a representative of telekom and a representative of the skt, it is called in a message of telecom. The main location should therefore be in germany.

5g repeater

The aim of the company is the development "innovative 5g solutions" with a focus on 5g-in-house supply for the european market. The 5g-in-house supply wants to ensure 5g repeater. Sk telecom has already tested a 5g / lte dual fashion repeater, which telekom has tested together with selected customers in berlin, hamburg, bonn, koln, munchen, darmstadt, frankfurt and leipzig from august to october. As it is called, the field trial showed that thereby the voice communication as well as the data flow over 5g and lte were significantly better. Here you want to start and drive the development of the repeater and other products. Because still companies that produce such 5g repeaters, short goods. The situation wanted to use the joint venture to make this cheek.

Chrysler grits its teeth

Munich, 16. October 2013 – chrysler is two months behind schedule with production of the jeep cherokee. Around 10.000 cars are waiting for completion. According to chrysler, this is due to the lengthy process of fine-tuning the transmission software for the transversely mounted nine-speed zf torque converter automatic. In the usa, sales were scheduled to start in july, in europe at the end of 2013.

As some european automotive media reported with reference to the detroit news and wall street journal chrysler is working on reprogramming the control system of the 9hp nine-speed automatic transmission from german supplier zf. Particularly in conjunction with the 2.4-liter, 184-horsepower gasoline engine, problems are said to be occurring with eighth and ninth gears. There is talk of overly jerky gear changes.

Electronics take over

We are not surprised, since zf did not provide these two gears with the usual multi-disc brake clutches, which can more or less gently wear down every shift due to friction. In order to save installation space, hydraulically operated claw clutches are used here, which can only be controlled with a control system that is really very well matched to the respective engine so that there is neither jerking nor cracking when shifting gears.