Bosch sells starter division to china

Bosch has on tuesday, the 02.05.2016 with a chinese consortium signed a sales contract via its sales starters and generators. The employees must still agree with the business. The buyers are the supplier zmj (zhengzhou coal mining machinery group) and the investment company china renaissance capital investment as the investor. The frankfurt general zeitung from 02.05.In 2017 already reported about it. The business is still under the condition that he agrees with the majority of employees. Uk was agreed on the purchase price.

Bosch had already introduced the separation from the area of starters and generators (sg) in 2015. First, cooperation with another company was conceivable, now it comes to complete separation. The daughter has just under 7,000 employees, of which good 1000 in germany. After many loss years she wrote again 2015 profits.

Surely the deal is not yet. On the one hand, the cartel keports have to agree. That was a pure formality. Although zmj also produces starters and generators, they do not belong to the industry’s sectors such as japan and valeo from france. Zmj is mainly in asia tatig and bosch with sg especially in europe.

Biontech: foxconn and tsmc buy 10 million vaccases for taiwan

BIONTECH: Foxconn and TSMC buy 10 million vaccases for Taiwan

The hardware manufacturers hon hai (foxconn) and taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company (tsmc) support the taiwan government in the procurement of vaccines against the coronavirus. Together with an aid organization of foxconn-grunder terry gou, companies completed a delivery contract for 10 million doses of the mrna vaccine produced by pfizer shanghai fosun pharmaceutical, biontech on monday with the chinese distributor shanghai fosun.

The vaccine will donate the taiwanese agent for the state vaccination program, it is in the message. The converted around 300 million euros for 10 million doses biontech pay the companies to half. "Biontech is pleased, also the people in taiwan with vaccines manufactured in the european union can be supplied", explained biontech ceo ugur sahin.

Meeting with prasidentin tsai

The bosses of foxconn and tsmc had offered the taiwan government to help with their contacts in the procurement of other doses. During taipei first turned, taipei gave the resistance in the face of growing domestic prere. At a meeting with prasidentin tsai ing-wen in june gou and tsmc boss mark liu grunes licht. After the conclusion of the contract is expected with first deliveries in september.

American wechat users sue donald trump

American Wechat users sue Donald Trump

At the beginning of august, donald trump has made a ban on chinese apps tiktok and wechat, which is to be effective in mid-september. Wechat has a billion user worldwide, of which about 19 million in the usa. Some do not want to accept the ban and have the u.S. Wechat users alliance (uswua) launched. This organization expressly serves the purpose of complaining against the frosting of the prasident. Since friday the first action is attached.

The action requires to explain the fraction of the prasident for unlawful and ineffective. With the prohibition, the prasident has exceeded its skills, since in the striking laws, a general ban on communication services is not permitted. In addition, the frosting was considered vague.

Action refers to numerous defects

In addition, the prasident did not comply with the necessary procedural steps. The same applies to a greater decree, with which the prasident called a tkk emergency. However, the date-called emergency is exexerable basis of the current fraction. Even if the early fruits should be in force, that does not help because they did not win. Trump had to exclaim another emergency.

“Innovation for everyone”: panda mildhybrid now without “cross”

The small car fiat panda hybrid is now also in normal – forgiveness – "urban". From now on, the mildhybrid motorization is also available in the entry-level version with 14-inch steel rims, air conditioning and dab radio. So far, the starter generator only existed in the executions "cross" and "trussardi".

The concept "suv" while it is difficult to understand in terms of user-friendliness categories, but in europe, however, has been so sustainable in europe for around 20 years ago that he already fell victim to him in whole combi series. Soon turned out that it arrives at four-wheel drive less than a daring auberes. So you could charge surcharge for unfinished plastic parts that were previously painted more expensive. Or worse performance and high consumption for selling the thick raders and the highlight as achievement. An almost teaching success of marketing.

"Innovation brick for everyone"

Apparently, fiat even in the rational segment of the city windows has so many customers, whom it arrives in this type of optics, that it gave the hybrid drive for the panda first in a sustained panda cross. Today, fiat suffices the hybrid drive in panda (without "cross") for the remainder of the small car riverburners after. Fiat speaks of "two body variants" the "offroad-inspired version cross" and the "design urban" and celebrates itself "innovation brick for everyone".

Uncomemic communicative – panasonic dmc-fx90

Uncomemic communicative - Panasonic DMC-FX90

On clicking printing images can be transferred to the smartphone or the internet wirelessly.

Panasonic promises versatility thanks to integrated wlan interface to load pictures and videos directly on site using smartphone or a wlan router wirelessly to the internet – and the "completely uncomplicated". How comfortable the network access actually works, we have studied in a practical test.

As a link for access to social networks or picture galleries, panasonic has set up a web service set up the lumix club. The camera itself offers four modes for communication: smartphone, web sevice, av device and pc

Ios 14.2: jit should accelerate emulators

IOS 14.2: Jit should accelerate emulators

More speed for emulators on iphones and ipads: in ios 14.2 if it is apps developers to use just-in-time compilation (jit) – even without jailbreak or wired connection to xcode. The gamecube and wii emulator dolphinios is to run in its youngest version on jailbreak-free advantages in full speed.

Jit only on newer iphones

Prerequisite, however, is newer hardware with apple’s a12, a13 or a14 processor, including iphones and ipads from year of construction 2018. The method for "fast cpu emulation (jit)" currently do not work on ages to apple’s a11, as the developers emphasize – on this hardware a jailbreak remains the prerequisite for jit compilation. But you still explore if there may be a way to reserve support for the alter hardware.

Power pits due to the lack of fast ram emulation (fastmem) is also based on new ios devices with at least 4 gb of memory, it is called by dolphinios. A good 20 games are incompatible with the hack, there it gives it according to power pits on advised without jailbreak.