The four bodies of the pope

After john paul ii. The papacy will have to be reinvented

Who is actually interested in the pope? The man karol wojtyla may stir or leave one indifferent, may be annoying in his continuous television presence or his reactionary views, may appear either unhappy or salvific in his historical role as leader of the catholic church. Now a man has died at the age of 84 years. Actually nothing special. Not even for a catholic christian, because after all, all people are equal before god. But because that man held an office for almost 27 years, according to which he was, in his own conviction as well as that of a mass of believers, the representative of god on earth, his death, like his life, has also become a public matter.

But who is interested in the pope?? For what is he competent? For what is he relevant? Why is he now publicly commemorated in a mabe, why was his death publicly accompanied in a way that was not allowed to happen to any statesman and certainly not to any artist or thinker – in another, perhaps more important way spiritual leader of mankind?

Austria sues over bnd spying

"Full disclosure" austrian interior minister demands full clarification on whether bnd aided nsa in industrial espionage

Things are getting nasty for the german government. Now the austrian public prosecutor’s office has filed a complaint against unknown persons, because the bnd as an aide of the nsa has spied not only on france, but possibly also on austria to the detriment of the country.

Minister of the interior johanna mikl-leitner (ovp) explained that the complaint was filed already on tuesday. "We demand full clarification", said the minister. The suspicion exists that the bnd could have helped the american secret service nsa to spy on politicians and companies.

Galactic pirate transmitter discovered?

Seven-hour radio emission recorded from galaxy’s center – cause unknown

Astronomers have discovered an unusual, very energetic burst in the range of radio waves, whose origin is probably near the center of the milky way.

In the scientific journal nature, scott d. Hyman of sweet briar college in virginia and colleagues at other institutes in the u.S. Of the discovery of the object, designated gcrt j1745-3009. The signature of this energetic radio source is extraordinary and scientists are convinced that it is either a previously unknown form, i.E. A new class of cosmic object, or a previously unknown type of activity of an object of a known class. In any case about something completely new.

Us and eu impose targeted sanctions on russian and ukrainian politicians

After the crimea vote: personal measures are to be used by russia to "de-escalation" urged

Eu and us ministers today reacted to yesterday’s crimean referendum by imposing sanctions, entry bans and account freezes on individual politicians and militaries. There are 21 people on the eu list and 11 on the us list. The eu envoy catherine ashton is quoted as saying that they want to make sure that the "russians realize the seriousness of the situation". She spoke of a "strongest possible signal". From the usa one hears similar pithy tones, as well as the announcement that in a next step sanctions against putin will be considered.

The american sanctions list includes vladislav surkov, putin adviser and "eminence grise" (new york times), valentina matviyenko, chairwoman of the foderation council (upper house of parliament), deputy prime minister dmitry rogozin, sergei glazyev, an okonom described as putin’s ukraine advisor, duma deputies leonid slutsky and yelena misulina, andrei klishas, who proposed a law to freeze western assets, viktor medvedchuk, head of ukrainian choice – and last but not least: sergei aksoyonov and ukrainian president viktor yanukovych. In addition, according to ria novosti, accounts of russian rustic companies are said to have been blocked.

Solar winds: second, independent backdoor malware for orion platform discovered

Solar winds: Second, independent backdoor malware for Orion platform discovered

In the period from marz to june 2020, a so far unidentified criminal hacker group shouted the malware "sunburst" on systems of up to 18.000 users of network management platform solar winds orion. Communicated over a backdoor (s) sunburst with the attackers. These are supposed to have us governments in sight and be responsible for a short break in the security software company fireeye.

The code analyzes tailored by the incident now asked a second backdoor that security researchers as "supernova" describe. Probably the most interesting thing about the find: the researchers are largely agreed that behind supernova is a second, completely independent group. As with sunburst you also see professionals at the factory. However, from the previously published analyzes does not emphasize whether and to what extent the code was used at all in the wild.

Our site had already reported several times around sunburst:

Usa: permanent monitoring from the air is advanced

USA: Permanent monitoring from the air is advanced

Permanent monitoring of unpredicted burger of a whole city is strangled in the us. This has decided an enlarged judgebank in the country with 8 to 7 votes. Necessary require a judicial search command that can only be obtained with concrete suspicion. The occasion of the decision is monitoring programs where aircraft circle all day and make up highly high-ranked photos of a whole city or region.

For years, various us cities from the air will be monitored. Specializing in this "aerial investigation research" is the company persistent surveillance systems (pss). It has, supported by subsidies, developed a relatively favorable monitoring system. A dozen commercially distrusted cameras is mounted in an airplane and creates pictures with a resolution of several hundred megapixels.

Every second about 83 square kilometers are painted. The recordings are immediately sparked and stored. Pss employees evaluate the reception for the police. On the basis of the pictures individual persons can be pursued for hours without realizing it – even later and, of course, throw-acting for the time before they had sacrifices, witnesses or taders of a criminal offense, or had contact with such a person.

Range rover sport by mansory tunt

Range rover sport by mansory tunt

Zumikon (switzerland), 27. October 2010 – the term sport is in the model name of the range rover sport with a certain eyewock. Finally, there is hardly any one of a rough suv, which is an empty weight of at least 2500 kilograms of the strain, expect sports car tapping performance and a dynamic cornering. Probably therefore the tuner mansory switzerland also offers a small increase in performance, but the main focus is on optical sports spirit.

Optical tuning

Aerodynamics components made of pu-rim plastic, a new front ripze with coarse refrigerated airline and vertically arranged day-running leds should provide more sportiness. The edges of the range rover sport changed the tuner through far-made feces and deep side skirts. Front becomes the railing car by 60 and back by 80 millimeters wider. At the back, a visual carbon diffuser insert decorates the new tailgate. Only body parts with a matching sports exhaust are over 20.000 euro fally.

Bonnet made of carbon

The visual carbon bonnet is new. Crazy detail is the powerdome with gross airborne. According to tuner, she supplies the engine compartment with additional fresh air and contributes "to optimize the temperature household". From carbon fiber is also the roof spoiler. In addition, the d-suits of the roof can be clad with carbon applications.

Power struggle in uk: johnson puts ‘dead cat on the table’ after sex dossier “dead cat on the table”

Power struggle in uk: johnson lays dead cat on table after sex dossier'tote katze auf den tisch'

Boris johnson photo: eu2017.Ee. License: cc by 2.0

Jacob rees-mogg openly backs his rival

David lidington, the head of british prime minister theresa may’s cabinet, announced at the weekend at the political and economic forum in cernobbio, italy, that there will most likely be no brexit agreement with the eu until after the tories’ party conference in birmingham in october. Lidington said that while an agreement was expected by november, plans were being made for a so-called hard brexit if that could not be achieved "hard" brexit without an affiliation agreement.

Audi a8 2.8 fsi in the test: sensible beginner

Audi a8 2.8 fsi in the test: sensible beginner

Munich, 31. August 2007 – audi has been represented in the luxury class for around 20 years; the a8 has been around since 1994. The second generation of the luxury sedan is currently available. Now the ingolstadt-based company has gently lifted the face of the coarse ring carrier, tightened the chassis and steering and added a new entry-level petrol engine to the range of engines. Now the 210 hp 2.8 liter fsi engine is the fifth engine for the coarse audi. With the new entry-level driver, a8 driving is already possible from 61.900 euros possible.

Only real with 58 leds

The new basic model can be recognized from the outside by the glossy black single-frame grill. This simple nose, which all six-cylinder models get, does not look bad on the smallest of the flagships, as it looks subtle. The eight-cylinder engines have horizontal chrome strips, the ten and twelve cylinders can be recognized by double-vertical chrome letters. Square fog lamps instead of the round haze eyes are the distinguishing feature of all a8s from their predecessors. At the rear there are also new led lights for all engine versions. There are 58 of these small diodes per rear light, which are individually recognizable through the clear cover. The 2.8 has a visible exhaust pipe on the left and right. Innovations are also visible in the side view of the 5.06 meter long sedan: the exterior mirrors have been slightly modified and now have integrated indicators.

What your heart desires

The interior of the a8 is without question a feel-good landscape. The door can be opened on our test car by touching the handle. The system, which allows for that, is called advanced key and is available at an additional cost of 1180 euros. The seats are more comfortable armchairs that offer enough lateral support and are made for long distances. Our gaze wanders over the well-equipped cockpit: nothing is missing here that makes driving more pleasant. The new model year brings new colors and materials, if you like, you can now order, for example, medium brown, semi-gloss walnut burl wood. The moldings not only look good, they also give the interior a warm atmosphere, as in our test car. Bang takes care of that too olufsen advanced sound system that delivers surround sound from 14 speakers. Two so-called acoustic lenses automatically slide upwards from the corners of the dashboard – this is also a treat for the eyes.

Audi a3 e-tron: study with electric drive presented

Audi a3 e-tron: study with electric drive presented

Ingolstadt, 12. April 2011 – audi has presented a new electric car study based on an a3 sportback. Possible series solutions are to be shown with the compact electric vehicle. A synchronous motor takes over the drive in the a3 e-tron.

Up to 100 kw

The water-cooled e-machine weighs 65 kilograms and has a continuous output of 60 kw. For a short time, for example to overtake, a maximum of 100 kw is available. The maximum torque is 270 nm. The power is transmitted to the front wheels by a single-stage gearbox.

Battery takes up little space

The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 26.5 kwh and weighs 300 kilograms. The tension amounts to 380 volts. The battery is housed in several blocks under the pack space floor, under the back seat and in the middle tunnel. This division ensures that the loading floor is only about three centimeters high than the production model of the a3 sportback quattro. The posing room of the study summarizes 265 liters, in the series model with front drive there are 350 liters.